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  1. Mmm, I’ve been wanting to make these for a while. I think I might attempt them for Sunday breakfast one of these days.

  2. your version looks delicious! i am now officially convinced to try them!

  3. your version definitely looks fantastic.

    that’s one thing Ive noticed about The Pioneer Womans recipes, you always have to tweak them a bit, not a bad thing, just daunting for someone who doesn’t like to stray from the recipe for fear she may blow up the kitchen!

    I cant imagine the foodgasm if you were to add Nutella…holy cow…

  4. These look great! I always think making cinnamon rolls would take forever and be such a process! They are totally worth it! : )

  5. Those look DELISH!!

  6. Those look so good! Makes me wish I actually had counter space so I could roll dough out…

    …or maybe it’s better I don’t have the space. 😉

  7. These were the very first recipe I made out of her cookbook when I got it last Christmas. So. amazing.
    Another great recipe of hers, are her Chicken Wings. Absolutely not healthy in any way, but they are the.best.wings.ever.

  8. Yum! I’ve seen these around blogland before, and they sure do look good – it looks like the recipe makes a ton! I think I’d have a hard time keeping my hands off of them 🙂

  9. omg I cant believe I missed out on these when you tweeted about them last week. they look amazing!

  10. rebekah

    These cinnamon rolls are amazing and this year was our 2nd year for making them the day after thanksgiving!!! Our whole family loves them! I think you could also put a bit less butter than she calls for 🙂 This is def. a recipe that will be a tradition in our family once or twice a year! 🙂 Ill have to try with less frosting too!

  11. Jen

    those look soo yummy, gotta try them, I love her carrot cake it’s soo moist and people rave whenever I make it. I would add some pecans, there my fav.

  12. Yum. I’ve been craving the cinnamon rolls from like the tube (pillsbury) haha, havent had them in years!! But really there’s no reason I shouldnt make homemade ones 🙂 I think these are definintely happening soon!!

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