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  1. So when James and I were in Italy we would play rummy to see who would buy gelato for the day. SOOO good!

  2. Ah gelato…be still my heart!

  3. Ah I could go for some of that gelato right now!

  4. mmmm gelato would be good right about now 😉 p.s. 18 weeks pregnant, morning sickness still going strong. So people lie 😉 haha but mine is only in the morning now or when I eat something that doesn’t sit well at that particular moment, the rest of the time I feel great, so I’ll take that any day over the 24/7 nausea of the first 15 or so weeks haha

  5. Oh my. That gelato is making me drool.

    I’m so sorry you’re still feeling icky. That’s part of why I’m terrified to have another baby. I had 0 sickness with #1 and I know there’s probably no way I’d get so lucky again. But, you probably hate “I was never sick” people like me right now so I’ll stop talking. 🙂

  6. Betsy

    I def went to Festival Il Gelato when I studied in Florence. However, Grom was my favorite for their crema di grom flavor.

    • @Betsy, Oh don’t worry… we went to Grom EVERY SINGLE DAY in Trieste! It was right across the street from my nonna’s apartment. Sadly I didn’t discover the crema di Grom until the last day. It is so good!

  7. hahaha.. you crack me up 🙂 Oh how i would love some of that gelato right now.. that sounds DELISH ..

  8. YUM. The gelato pics are definitely making me drool (and also beg my hubby to take me to Italy!) haha Loved your video re-cap… looks like ya’ll had a BLAST! 🙂

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