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  1. You look gorgeous as always! And I love the updates 🙂

  2. i can’t believe it’s already been 20 weeks…you’re glowing though!

  3. Wow, you continue to look fantastic and so happy! I had no idea classes were so intense… I don’t think I’d have the attention span for 2.5 hours!

  4. Hooray : )Halway there! Whoop whoop! Thats so awesome that y’all have picked a name too. We have a tentative name and a backup. But I could totally see both changing haha. The weight game can be pretty out of control- its hard not to check every day but probably best to keep it less than that (I’m still working on that part ;)). Glad you’re getting some walks in and that they’re feeling good. Those are some intense childbirth classes! We’re only taking three and their about 2 1/2 hours each- one on baby 101, one on breastfeeding and one on CPR/first aid.

  5. You look GREAT! I love seeing what I have to look forward to in the next few weeks! And don’t feel bad…I’m only 16 weeks and I’ve gained 15 lbs!

  6. Tiffany

    You look fantastic and I am so jealous you guys are so decisive. I am now almost 26 weeks with no names narrowed down and still with alot to go to figure out the nursery (we have only bought the crib!). As far as weight gain, I think you’re doing the right thing. As long as you’re making healthy choices, you just have to leave it up to your body to do what it needs. I’m just now learning that lesson as the lbs creep up and up!

    Maternity clothes are so lame and I am so with you on hating to order things online instead of in stores – especially when you have no idea your size or how things will fit you while pregnant! Good luck!

  7. For me, and a lot of women I’ve talked to, there were a couple of months in 2nd trimester where you PACK on the pounds. But then it levels out again. So, yeah, I had a couple big months, but am still ending up at the recommended place. So no worries! Also, with it being warmer? I know I’ve been swelling and that’s heavier, too.

    And, as for the clothes? SERIOUSLY, what do big people do??? I started as a size 4 and I am absolutely wearing mostly larges at this point. BTW clothing manufacturers? You’re missing a big chunk of the market!

  8. You look beautiful and you are most definitely glowing! 🙂 I really enjoy reading your baby updates.

  9. You’re so cute, love the bumb. where did you get the number counter from, love that!

  10. lookin’ good, Mama!!!

    Do you subscribe to zulily.com? BEST stuff/deals for Mamas and babies – TOO many cute clothes to mention! check it out!

  11. and don’t worry about the weight gain! every woman gains more at different times. I gained a lot in the second trimester and then ended up evening out towards the end, with steady gains in the last few weeks. These growing boys have minds of their own! 😉

  12. I used a Netti-Pot to deal with allergies/sinus issues when I was pregnant and it really helped clear me out. You might try it! Shopping for maternity clothes was the worst. And you’ll get so sick of wearing the same things over and over by the end. At lest I did…

  13. Time is flying. You look SO fabulous!

  14. I so look forward to your updates! I think it’s adorable that your hubby calls your son by name. I want to be able to do that when I know the gender of my baby:-).

  15. renee

    You are glowing!! You look great Sabrina!! IT is such a wonderful exciting time and by you keeping track of it and posting pics and how you feel is a great way to reflect back. I wish I had done that!

  16. YOu are GLOWING! I can’t wait to see you and the little bambino next weekend! You’re gift arrived in the mail last night! 🙂

  17. You look beautiful!!

    For my son’s nursery, I went the handmade route and customized his crib bedding through a seller on etsy. Also, Dwell Studio and Serena and Lilly make beautiful stuff (thought I am not sure where it is made exactly).

  18. You are so radiantly beautiful!

  19. jen

    Yes the netti pot works really well and also local raw honey will help if you have pollen allergies. I was on a high amount of prednisone for my crohn’s and my stomach was soo swollen I had to buy some Maternity pants to be comfortable. I found kohls had cute inexpensive stuff in there stores. I also got some used online like ebay or even free off craigslist or freecycle. Since you don’t need or wear them for too long people are always giving them away and there always like brand-new, I just make sure there non-smokers and give them a good wash in hot water.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @jen, Thanks for the suggestions! My problem with maternity stuff is that I need really dressy items which I can’t seem to find. Everything seems to be casual or work and not appropriate for weddings, church, showers etc unless I spend a lot. I have a friend who has a great dress I can borrow for a dressy wedding this summer, but otherwise I have had to just buy online and hope for the best.

      Thanks for the honey suggestion- I can’t believe I never knew that! Very interesting.

  20. stephanie

    halfway! time flies. you look amazing.

  21. Love the updates, you are just glowing!
    Sneaky sneaky with the name but oh so cute as well 🙂

  22. youve got a gorgeous glow!

  23. I always gained the most weight of my entire pregnancy during week 20 with BOTH kiddos. I gained 1/4 of my total gain in fact. I gained 5 lbs with little M and SEVEN with baby B. In one week! I never understood either.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun, I feel SO much better with your comment! It just doesn’t make sense you know? I’m fine with gaining whatever I need to gain, but I definitely don’t want to be gaining several lbs a week several weeks in a row!! Hopefully I’m just like you and it’s a big week 🙂

      • @RhodeyGirlTests, My weight always went up the most during the 2nd tri and then leveled off in the the third. I just try to remember that if I’m eating when hungry, trying to keep mostly balanced meals, and staying relatively active my body will gain what it needs. For some that is more than others. And if you keep that approach it WILL come off just fine. 🙂

  24. You look fantastic!!!! 🙂

  25. I love these posts….so excitinggg. Now I’m super intrigued about the name! Wouldn’t it be funny if it actually WAS George, and you were trying to trick us into thinking it’s something else? 😉

  26. I never thought about not being able to take allergy medicine while pregnant! Ahhh I’m gonna be in trouble (if and when I get pregnant). You are glowing, Sabrina!!

  27. That is really funny with the boy name! I am excited to hear it. And I continue to love your bump. I need to see you before the baby comes!

  28. I gained a lot in the frist trimester and 3rd trimester. Every body is different! Because of my history of eating disorders, I think by body gained a little extra “just in case” I starved it again : (

    As far as allergies, have you tried a neti pot? It saved me during pregnancy!

    You’re doing great!!

  29. I love this. I’m getting all verclempt. 20 more weeks!!!!

  30. You are looking gorgeous! I cant believe your already at 20 weeks. I feel like it was just yesterday that we found out.

  31. Yeay for making it to the half way point! I was so excited when I hit 20 weeks. As far as the weight gain goes, at least for me, it picked up after 20 weeks then has slowed back down just a tiny bit. My midwife said the 2nd trimester you’ll see the biggest jump and it should slow down slightly in the 3rd. I stopped weighing myself except for my appointments. There were just too many fluctuations.

  32. Zayna

    I’m looking for birth classes in the area with no luck, where did you find yours at? Thanks so much!

  33. BethT

    You look fabulous. For real.

    Also, I am not sure where they are made, but I love the crib sheets from Land of Nod – a subsidiary of Crate and Barrel. Fab high quality stuff.

  34. Biz

    You look beautiful and healthy! I wouldn’t worry too much about the weight gain – within six weeks of having my daughter I lost 25 pounds! Now she’s 19 – time flies!

  35. Congratulations! It’s my first time her but I can’t help but comment when I saw your preggy photos. We were just in the same situation as you several months ago and I’m sure you are experiencing the same as my wife did. That, I can relate 🙂

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