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  1. Nelly

    I NEED this clutch because all of my makeup all around my big purse that I take everywhere. I need organization!

  2. Lucy

    Zebra clutch is perfect for summer

  3. Jen

    I NEED this clutch because I only own one clutch, and it’s a cheap shiny silver number from Target that I’ve had for nearly a decade (which is ok for clubbing, not so great for nice dinners out).

  4. Will

    Need this for my wife’s birthday, she would adore it!

  5. OMGOMG I’ve been searchinga nd searching for a clutch! My old one is falling apart at the seams!

  6. Mariya

    I NEED this clutch because its beautiful and feminine. And I’m up to my neck in books studying for finals and this would perk me right up 🙂

  7. I need this because I wear too much black and need something to make my outfits stand out.

  8. I NEED this clutch because it is totally my style and I don’t have a clutch!

  9. I NEEEED this clutch because it will beautify my purse collection!

  10. Lydia

    I NEEEEEED this clutch because not only is it fabulous for a night out, it’s big enough to hold a little snack! I’m about a month behind you, expecting our first November 2! Snacks (in style) are KEY! 🙂

  11. Lindsey

    I need this clutch becasue I need to stop carrying around a 15lb luggage bag full of random crap. Time to organize people!

  12. I need this clutch! Love the zebra print!

  13. I tweeted you with the link!

  14. Donna Porter

    I really need this clutch. It is super cute and I love the color combos. Plus, this summer my husband and I are going on a vacation and I JUST know it would look great with a dress that I have yet to buy for a super sexy and romantic night out! Especially seeing as I have three children and can not remember the last night my husband and I had dinner without crayons on the table or seen a movie that wasn’t animated. I want to feel like an adult for ONE NIGHT!! 🙂

  15. Ashley

    I need this clutch because it is absolutely gorgeous and can be dressy or casual. Also, interesting to see they are made in the US. It doesn’t matter too much to me, but as a former handbag sales associate at Nordstrom, I know a lot of people look for that as an attribute!

  16. Megan

    I NEEED this clutch because I only have one clutch from target that I have had forever. I need something small to take my camera out in!

  17. I absolutely NEEEED this clutch b/c I only have ONE clutch (yes, that is the honest truth) and I bought it when I was in college (circa 2003 – yes, that is also true). I need a whole wardrobe change. Starting with this clutch.

  18. Christine

    I NEEEEEED this clutch because it is zebra print…. enough said!

  19. Kaitlyn

    I need this clutch because my coach one barely fits my license and keys, let alone a phone and cam. pretty pretty please!

  20. Megan

    I “need” this clutch because I have 1. only one clutch and 2. a seriously boring wardrobe. this looks like it could spice it up!

  21. I shared the giveaway on FB!

  22. Kerry

    I neeeeed the clutch because I am pregnant and all I can buy and enjoy are shoes and bags to feel pretty! I know you understand that!

  23. Deena

    I NEEED this clutch because it’s gorgeous and I only have a plain black one!

  24. bonnie

    I need it because it’s beautiful 🙂

  25. Joy

    I neeeeeeed this because my wristlet was stolen last week and I have tO replace everything ugh

  26. I have a pair of flats that would match it perfectly!!! I neeeed it!

  27. Allie

    I need this to spice up my look! Its so classy with an edge… love it! This bag will be as useful as my Little Black Dress

  28. Ashley

    I haven’t bought a new one in forever…this would be the best treat!

  29. I NEEEED this clutch because it is so cute and I need something to fit all my blogging crap in when I go out to eat. AKA zee camera. 🙂

  30. Ricky D

    Nicole your dad and brothers were on my roulette table in atlantic city on wed. night. My last name is D’Andrea and I have a seventeen year old daughter named Nicole. It was so crazy. Beautifull family nice men in your house. tell your dad i emailed you and by the way those bags are beautifull!!! I pray my daughter becomes that blessed to do as well in what ever God has planned for her as you have been. Tell dad and your bro I said Hello God Bless Ricky D’Andrea I want some bags for my daughter let me know some prices and ill see if i can swing it. Ive been on your web site they are beautifull. single dad though with two in college!!!! 609 412 6843 your dad is proud of you thats how i found out about your bags. later Ricky D

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