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  1. PB, this looks amazing! By far, my favorite type of food- basic grilled (or broiled!) meat with fresh vegetables, bread, etc.

    Thanks for sharing your tradition with us!

  2. LOVE the “guest” post 🙂 I need to try and convince Josh to post something!! This meal looks pretty good to me…but Im not sure I’ve ever actually had lamb. The only odd food combination I like is carrots and yellow mustard

  3. That marinade sounds delicious! Sometimes the “clean the pantry” method of cooking works the best. 🙂

  4. I’m Palestinian and could put zatar on almost anything savory–This marinade looks so delicious!

  5. Stacy R.

    Great job being so creative in the kitchen PB. I also love the sense of community and family you have through your church, it will be so exciting for you to teach bambino your family traditions and have them carried on for generations to come.

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