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  1. i’m glad you’re feeling OK and you look amazing! just glowing ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You looked so beautiful at the wedding, I love that pink dress! Glad everything is going well for the most part!

  3. You look GORGEOUS girl!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You look stunning up there with PB! So glad you were able to make it to your best friend’s wedding!

  5. You are simply GLOWING! That’s crazy how much your sense of taste and smell have changed!!! I think chocolate and grilled cheese sounds fabulous… anyday!

  6. You looked beautiful at the wedding and that picture of PB kissing your belly is precious.

  7. Hooray for testing the GD test! The liquid wasn’t as nasty as I thought it was going to be…but it certainly wasn’t tasty haha. Very sorry to hear about your hospital trips- but Im super glad you’re feeling better and were able to make it to the wedding (you looked so pretty!). Hang in there! For the record, I don’t feel any different in the third trimester than I did in the second!

  8. Bumpalicious! I am sorry about the baby drama. I am sure everything will be okay!

  9. Sabrina, you and that bump are absolutely beautiful! I don’t know why anybody feels the need to tell you how “bad” things are going to be in the upcoming future. I know you’ll take each day as it comes and do the best you can with it:-).

  10. 88 days is crazy!

    Personally, I loved the third tri. I felt fully pregnant, Lucy moved like crazy and I didn’t feel truly terrible until the week or two before she was born. Insomnia and constipation were the only downsides. Enjoy every moment of these 88 days…and I’m so glad you’re ok!

  11. You looked GORGEOUS at that wedding!! Glad you’re doing well and that you were able to make the big day!

  12. Boo for the ugly ๐Ÿ™ I remember what a mess I was at 35 weeks when that happened to me! I can’t imagine 27 weeks. Be a princess chickadee and let people wait on you. It all goes away soon enough and you wait on someone else nonstop for 18+ years ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Looking good! I love the little blocks you have to document the weeks. So cute!

    Glad everyone is healthy and happy!

  14. You are glowing!! I love that belly-kiss picture of you two. Perfect and definitely frame worthy!

    EEsh – now I’m getting nervous about the GD test. I didn’t realize it happened later. I thought you found out way earlier. Now, I’m nervous.

  15. Areej

    Hi Sabrina! Its so exciting to follow your progress.
    I remember whenever my doctor felt that my belly was hard she had me take Buscopan (in Italy) not sure what it is sold under in the US, other than that I remember Magnesium is good at keeping contractions away. I used to take supplements that I mixed with water.
    This is a good time to relax and really enjoy these last few months. Get pampered, get a massage, float in a pool all day, do all the things that you will not have time for later. I mean it in a good way. Once the baby comes, it’s all about him, so enjoy the “you” time while you can!

  16. I am SO thrilled and excited for you, I’ve been reading since the very beginning ๐Ÿ™‚ You are glowing and look absolutely beautiful. You’re going to be an amazing mom!

  17. I’m glad you and the little one are ok! How scary!

    Don’t worry, I don’t think the third trimester is all that bad. I mean yeah, a few more aches and pains and of course a much bigger belly, but I’m (luckily) still feeling pretty darn awesome and I only have two weeks until my due date!

  18. You. Look. AMAZING.

    I went to a friend’s wedding on my due date. I was Jai Normus.

    I gained 70 pounds when I was pregnant with Gigi.

    Did I mention you look amazing????

  19. So glad everything is ok. You look adorable, especially in that pink dress! The silliest things gave me heartburn when I was pregnant. I still remember eating a banana and feeling like my chest was on fire.

  20. That is wonderful news that you were not in pre-term labor and that you are doing okay!

    You are more beautiful and radiant than ever!

  21. you look gorgeous girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Sabrina, you DO look fabulous! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you!
    On my first pregnancy, I was SO careful about what I ate and how much of it and gained 40 pounds.
    On my second pregnancy, I ate what I wanted, still healthy but also had a cheeseburger now and again and ice cream when I felt like it and gained 40 pounds.
    The best part of the weight gain is you lose 20 lbs the few days after delivery:) Losing a lot of water weight right away, sure felt good:)

    So glad to hear you’re totally enjoying your pregnancy!

  23. Oh Sabrina you looked beautiful in that pink dress!

  24. Wonderful news about the GD test! You look awesome in that pink dress! I anticipate your next update. -Kristie

  25. april

    Love the pink dress! I gained lots of weight for both pregnancies – about 60 for my first (boy) and then maybe 50 for my second (girl) – I weighed more when I got pregnant the second time due to a foot surgery I had. I lost all of it and am actually back to my pre-wedding weight. Got prego on honeymoon so it wasn’t that long ago. lol. DO NOT worry about the weight coming off, it totally will.

  26. Sabrina,
    you look absolutely beautiful!!! Definitely take advantage of this time to rest because you and the baby need it and it will be SO much harder for you to be able to do that after delivery. So, eat it up, girl!
    Being pregnant can be extremely nerve-wracking with worry and all the things that we’re “supposed” to do to keep ourselves and our baby healthy – it’s a wonder they don’t come out needing valium to bring them to an even keel. Yet, it’s all normal.
    Relax, put your feet up and just blog some more!

  27. You look AMAZING!!

    Love those count-down (or up I guess?) blocks you have ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. You look like a pregnant princess in that pink dress!! I love it! I’m glad to hear everything is ok! I’m sure it must be so hard to stay off your feet, I know it would be hard for me! You look amazing!

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