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  1. Great menu! Have never heard of Aranciata, but just Googled it and it sounds really good. Is it similar to Orangina?
    Picnics are so much fun. We haven’t had one in ages, and will definitely have to wait for late Fall as 110 is just a little too hot for me to be having dinner outside.

  2. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! mmm soft pretzels! I miss those so much. Hope you’re feeling well today ūüôā

  3. Mango & coconut popsicles, yum! Happy Birthday to PB!

  4. Sometimes a stress free and low key birthdays are the best. There’s something about picnics that never get old and the food always tastes so good. Happy Birthday to PB!

  5. I truly believe that some of the very best celebrations are low-key and down-to-earth.

    I have a good friend who tries to live through the idea that “hanging out is the meaning of life.” It sounds kinda lame, until you hear him discuss that if he can do what needs to be done for himself and the people in his life to the best of his ability, and THEN just be able to calmly enjoy the people and setting he finds himself in at the end of the day, he will obtain simple happiness. I could go for some simple happiness, ya know?

  6. Is it his birthday already? That means it’s near your anniversary?! What date is it? Summer when you’re a teacher is rough for knowing the date! Anyway, I like your purple blanket.

  7. That is so fun! What a great way to celebrate a birthday in the summer.

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