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  1. I’ve been doing a bunch of reading up on it along w/the full moon theory. If you ask l&d nurses – there is definitely an increase both times but like you said, no solid evidence one way or another. It seems it’s only a real possibility if the woman is ready to give birth – favorable, dilating, etc etc. Fingers crossed – I’d love to be done this weekend!!!

  2. I hope not. I don’t need a baby right now to ruin my svelt figure.

  3. My grandmother went into labor with my father during a hurricane down in Texas. Not sure if it was correlated or not, but I’ve heard the same thing about the pressure.

  4. Candice

    I’m due on the 11th. I’m in VA going thru Irene now and I can honestly say that my LO calmed her movements & I’ve had an increase in Braxton Hicks today. I was hoping they would turn into more painful, progressive contractions, but no luck yet. Maybe tonight when the worst part of the storm hits…

  5. Kaitlyn

    My Mom was due with my sister during hurricane Gloria in 1985. We lived in Jamestown, RI at the time and we were advised to stay in Newport where the hospital was because the bridge would most likely be closed. We rode out the storm at my aunt’s house, but my sister decided not to make her appearance during the hurricane and wasn’t born for another two weeks.

    I hope your LO waits until the full moon! Good luck!

    • karla

      I was born during hurricane Gloria when it hit northern VA..all the nurses wanted my mom to name me Gloria. I wasn’t due until early October, so perhaps I’m proof of the hurricane inducing labor theory.

  6. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did! I know for a fact the full moon theory is true – our unit is always packed when there is a full moon and those have been some of the busiest days/nights I have ever worked!

  7. I had forgotten about the Hurricane theory…I had my 2nd son last Oct and everyone was talking about it then (I live in FL) although I’m not sure how much truth there is to it.

    When you’re ready, you’re ready 🙂

  8. We live on Okinawa, and apparently, when there’s a big typhoon headed our way they make women 36+ weeks pregnant wait it out at the hospital because they’re afraid they’ll go into labor. I had never heard of that!

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