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  1. Looks like the Greek tiropita (like spanikopita but with cheese). Is it similar?

  2. What is cheese boreg??? Anything cheese and baked like taht sounds amazing. I hope you’ll share once you master it 🙂

  3. Diana

    Come on over sometime and I’ll show you! Cheese mixture I use is mozzarella, feta, and egg…and sometimes a little parsley.

  4. It does look good!!! Im sure youll master it soon

  5. That;s the worst! I have no idea how I was sent to a post that you were in Colorado when I told you about Dana and Ed lol…I was wondering how you were still traveling. Don’t mind me. Pregnancy brain has turned to mommy brain :/

    You look great by the way…I was just thinking today how hard it was then but I wish I embraced my last days more. I did but still couldn’t wait for the pregnancy to be over by week 35 or 36. Ella is the best thing ever but I did love being pregnant! Such exciting days!!!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @laury@thefitnessdish, I was laughing when I read the post. My blog got messed up yesterday- sorry about that! I know both Dana & Ed! What a small world.

      I’ve loved being pregnant, but at this point I just can’t wait to feel myself again. So nice to “meet” you!

  6. Sad day. There’s always next time!!

    Where did you first try it? I’ve never heard of cheese boreg.

  7. After dating an Philly Armenian for two years, I completely understand!

  8. If it’s been 3 years since your last baking disaster it sounds like you’re pretty successful in the kitchen. 🙂 But, I completely hear you that sometimes things that seem so simple are so easy to mess up!

  9. annette

    Did you get this down? I’ve been trying to get it for decades. One of the best things I ever tasted. I remember it being made like a strudel almost. not with store bought puff pastry.

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