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  1. As far as the pillow, I say why not! I always like having pillows from home. Sometimes even the smell of my own fabric softener makes me feel comforted. As far as the gift, I’d go for the wine. It is my favorite go-to gift because I know I always love getting it! (and even if I don’t need it, I can always regift it. Just sayin!)

  2. Courtney

    I love reading your blog and excited about the baby! But let me tell you……there are NO snacks during labor. Once you check in, all you can have is ICE. not water but ICE! That is all the hospital will let you have. I was starving! Good luck!!

  3. Erin

    Snacks will be key after the whole event is done. You will be starving since they don’t let you eat during labor. I brought my own pillow and I was so happy to have it. The hospital pillows are paper thin. Good luck!

  4. Maureen

    I couldn’t eat anything (except for ice) the entire day following breakfast. The hospital wants to be prepared in the case you do need an emergency c-section. I was allowed breakfast and then couldn’t eat again until I had my daughter after 9pm. But, with that said, the snacks you’ve packed will be good for both of you following delivery while you are still in the hospital.

  5. We are bringing our own pillows with us. Just make sure to use it up by your head during birth so you’re not out a nice pillow! ;o) I am thinking about stocking up on some coconut water so I am able to stay more hydrated than with just plain water.

  6. I’ve never given birth, but when I was at the hospital when I was younger I had my mom bring me a pillow and a blanket from home because that pillow and blanket were about a zillion times more comfortable than anything the hospital had to offer. Sometimes I still travel with a pillow from just because it’s comforting – I’d say go for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Brittany

    I would say a big thing for comfort was bringing my own slippers and robe. I actually didn’t bring a pillow w/ my first and I don’t think I’ll bring one this time either. But KEY was the slippers and my own robe. (I did throw the slippers away after, because hospital floors are disgusting and I wouldn’t put them back on in my house) Just a tip!! Good luck! You’re so close!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Brittany, Thanks Brittany! I packed a pair of those slipper socks so I won’t mind tossing them. For a robe did you bring a terry cloth one or a nice sleek one? I got a new black jersey robe for around the house and was planning on bringing it. Think it will be comfy/warm enough?

      You are getting close too right? how are you doing?!

  8. Brittany

    I think that will definitely be warm enough. I brought a terry cloth one because I was thinking I would be throwing that away as well. It didn’t remain long in the house much after birth! I didn’t want to bring too much from home because of the sanitary factor, so I went for comfy/disposable haha.

    I’m doing great! I have 4 weeks left, feeling good, I am measuring small, so I am getting an ultrasound tomorrow, which worries me a bit, but I’m sure everything is fine.

  9. Jen

    My hospital won’t let me eat anything but clear liquids in case of an emergency C-section. But you better believe I’ll be sneaking in snacks just in case labor lasts forever. I could not imagine not eating!

    Bring the pillow, but then make sure not to forget it! So excited for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I brought my own pillow each time. I find hospital pillows can be hot (because they’re plastic or rubbery) and not very comfortable. Definitely bring it along if you don’t mind one extra item. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I feel like you think of everything! I would not even think about the snacks, duh. I am way picky on pillows so i would vote a major yes ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still hoping for today yayy September 15th in the pool hahaha Hope you are doing well and not going crazy waiting

  12. Those Kashi bars look fabulous—I’ve never seen them before!

    When I had surgery my senior year of high school, my own pillow was my saving grace. Mind you, I travel EVERYWHERE with my pillow (yes, still)—it’s just a comforting piece of home that I like to have with me. And it helps me sleep better ; )

  13. I’m not even pregnant (yet) and know that my pillow will be coming along!

  14. So important to have good snacks! They don’t feed you nearly enough for nursing and post labor hunger with three hospital meals a day.

  15. Wendy

    YES! Bring your pillow! I found sleeping in a noisy, strange hospital room is hard and having my own pillow helped me sleep better. Extra pillows are also good for learning how to nurse. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Annalisa

    Get gatorade! or those packets you add water to. Childbirth (and post childbirth) it’s like running a marathon and every little bit of hydration helps.

  17. Ummm yeah, to all the people that are saying the hospital won’t let you eat during labor… there are times when no one is in the room with you and, if labor is long, you need fuel to push! I was in active labor for over 24 hours (23 hours after my water broke, Emmaline was born) and there’s no way I would have had the strength to push her out had I not sneaked some snacks while the nurses were out of my room. There are women who come in needing an emergency c-section after having a big dinner so I find it challenging to go along with the no eating rule while in labor… then again, I find myself challenging lots of rules so there ya go.

    ; ) You’re doing great honey!

  18. Snacks will be great for when it’s over. I had no idea how much work having a baby is and my labor was even short! I remember my dad saying, “Good grief, you sure are eating a lot!” Bring your own pillow! Although the delivery beds are usually pretty comfortable, the post partum beds are much worse. Good luck to you, and congratulations!

  19. Absolutely on the pillow. Hospital ones are never great. And the pillow case is important more so that yours doesn’t disappear into their linens! I brought an florescent orange one so that it was easily identifiable.

  20. I can’t speak to the labor thing ๐Ÿ™‚ But my friend is a nurse and she advcates bringing your own pillow to the hospital for ANY overnight stay!! Be comfy and well!

  21. I would definitely bring a pillow. I was induced twice, long story, the first hospital stay was 2.5 days and I wanted my comfortable pillow and soft pillowcase so badly. I brought my own for the second time and was so glad. I also had one for my husband, which was crucial since, let’s be honest, they are practically sleeping on the concrete floor.

    I didn’t bring snacks, but since I was in the hospital for so long I got to eat regular food. My dad brought me snacks post-baby though, but I just wanted water and veggies.

  22. Definitely bring a pillow from home! We had to hurry out of the house so fast I forgot mine on the couch and was so sad.

  23. Jill

    YES YES YES to a pillow from home! You will sleep much better with it! Just put an old colored/patterned case on it so the hospital does not think it is theirs. Also, pack a hard sour candy. Once labor starts its pretty much the only thing you will be allowed to eat (aside from water) and it helps with any naseua you may experience and will give you a little bit of much needed sugar.

  24. I agree with many posts above, but especially with Katy @ MonsterProof. My labor lasted a very long time, and I was thirsty but never hungry- my body was too busy doing other things to have a regular appetite. For the next few days afterwards, though, I was STARVING. Our hospital had nourishment stations with basic snacks and drinks, so there was always something on hand. Don’t overthink/overpack too much! Take care!

  25. Almonds are the best snack! Just grab ’em ‘n’ go!

  26. jen

    as everyone else has said definitely YES to the pillow. i found the hospital bed so incredibly miserable and i plan to bring a pillow this time around.

    also, i am planning to bring some dry shampoo. i don’t know how normal this is but my hormones were making me sweat LIKE CRAZY after having my daughter. my hair really needed to be washed but it seemed like too much trouble so this time i’m going to try out the dry shampoo and see if it helps.

  27. Holly

    I might caution you against the Luna Bars for a snack if you are planning on breastfeeding. There is soy and a lot of other ingredients that some babies can’t tolerate. I learned that the hard way!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve read articles that say protein bars aren’t the best if breastfeedng, as well.

    Hope your labor goes well!

  28. Nicole

    Iam so excited for you!! Bring your own pillow and slippers. You and PB will do great.

  29. Andrea

    My little Markus was born a week ago Thursday! A few things that I brought (and used):

    – KIND bars and dried mangos from Trader Joe’s(for me and dad)
    – pillow (dad ended up using it)
    – robe/slippers
    – makeup (once LO arrived, I was surprised by the amount of visitors and they all wanted pics with mom and Markus).
    – Neutrogena makeup remover wipes
    – toothbrush/paste
    – lip balm for chapped lips
    – iPhone (great for pics and video and FB announce)

    I never looked at the iPad or books/magazines. Once LO arrived, I didn’t want to miss a precious moment with him.

  30. Shan

    I gave birth to my first baby 5 months ago and I say ABSOLUTELY bring your pillow! It was so nice to have a comfortable, soft pillow to rest my head on after labour (but then again I bring my own pillow whenever I stay overnight anywhere)!

    PS- you are glowing!!!

  31. Natalie

    Very smart to bring snacks for after delivery! I was starving after my daughter was born, but during labor, not so much. I was so nauseous the whole time, so I didn’t think about eating at all.

    I guess I’m the weird one here, but bringing my own pillow to the hospital grosses me out. Hospitals in general are pretty germy places, even labor & delivery wards, so I decided not to bring anything that I couldn’t easily wash.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Natalie, That is my concern too. I haven’t decided on the pillow thing yet. On the one hand it would be awesome to have something cozy. On the other I know myself and know I will want to throw it out after. I get really grossed out by hospitals.

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