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  1. I really want to do a CSA but can’t find anything that is even remotely convenient as far as pick up location. I feel like a 20-25 minute drive to pick up vegetables almost defeats the purpose of locally, organically grown!

    PS-You can send me your collard greens b/c I love them!

  2. I love collards, but my husband doesn’t. :/ Hope R gives you some longer naps soon!

  3. I’m thinking about re-joining a CSA for our winter produce. There’s one nearby that sources produce from farms along the East Coast, so it’s not super local, but better than shipping stuff in from CA, Mexico, etc. It’s tough around Boston because the winters are so, so cold!

    In the summer, I prefer to just go to the farmer’s market so I can choose my fruits and veggies. 🙂

  4. Keri

    I just want to say that you’re doing a great job! I’m a mom to an almost 3 week old and feel like I can relate to you a lot! Everyone keeps telling me that it will get easier. So I’m telling you that too. Your little boy looks like he is really loved and cared for:)

  5. too bad you cannot send me the chard and greens! 😀

  6. Don’t give up on swiss chard! It is basically the same thing as kale, which I love. But with a baby you have more important things to worry about than drak leafy greens.

  7. I’ve been toying with the idea of a half share from a local CSA, but I’m also worried about the extra cost that I’ll inevitably have to pay to supplement it. I have a little more research ahead of me, me thinks!

  8. Ah collard greens are so good! Haha! You are inspiring me…we keep talking about joining one. While I look forward to learning to be creative in the kitchen I also worry about having to eat beets for like a month.

  9. Jill

    Best of luck with your CSA. We belong to Greensgrow Farms winter CSA (in Northern Libs) and I love it! In addition to veggies, we get Amish butter, milk, eggs and sometimes locally made “prepared” goodies. Its fun – although sometimes you do get things that you have NO idea what to do with – making google my friend!

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