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  1. Love all of the items you posted.. Some we don’t have, but I know Olivia would love (the toy items)… We swear by the bassinet type stroller at the beginning too for sleeping.. it was key.. and the video monitor! That kick and play piano looks awesome though! Wish we had one!!! 🙂 Take advantage now with chopping veggies while him in the carrier.. because Olivia is now way tooo grabby/reaching for everything for that.. but It was so nice before.

  2. love this…we’re getting so close and i just wonder if our dude’s going to have the right things! luckily we have the basics and just lots and lots of love – everything else can come as needed 🙂

  3. Great items Sabrina! I am going to have to get that piano for Julianne. I think she would love it!

  4. Diana

    Ooo…new baby items for our 2nd baby! Thanks for the suggestions. I especially want to get that Wubbanub!

  5. That Wubbanub is adorable…going to have to order that right away! We have the Skip Hop activity gym and love it, so great that is not annoyingly ugly.

  6. I wish I’d known about that kick piano for the crib! What a great idea!

    you’re SO SO SO lucky Raffi likes the seats..Ella hated anything that wasn’t my shoulder!

    The sound sleeper is amaZing. Her room gets so cozy when I ‘m putting her to sleep, I get so relaxed and doe off in the middle of the day sometimes. Oops.

    Everything in the mouth doesn’t get any better. Next it’s everything in the mouth and everything on the floor. Fun times.

  7. I don’t have a baby (and no plans to have one anytime soon!) but I want to tell you that he is such a beautiful baby! He’s grown so much and just keeps getting more adorable. <3

  8. Brianna

    I never realized that you could use the Boppy backwards like that. Tried it last night and Annabelle loved it! Thanks for the tip.

  9. I just came across your blog and love it! This post is so beneficial, thanks for sharing it! I feel like I’m so unsure about what will work and what won’t when our little guys gets here. It’s so nice to see what things other parents are using and how they feel about them. 🙂 Thanks again for the awesome baby list.

  10. Karen

    My nephew also has Ducky and LOVES him!

    Raffi is so adorable!

  11. Lauren

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on the Orbit stroller! I am expecting my first baby in July and my husband and I are very interested in buying the Orbit, but I see UPPAbaby and Bumbleride strollers everywhere! In comparison, it seems like very few people have the Orbit, so reviews like yours are hard to come by. Thanks!

  12. Hangry Pants

    I can’t get over how long he is. I love how he eats everything, and I love your video monitor.

  13. q

    hi! just wanted to say that i love your blog and your posts on baby center… i read those first whenever i have some free time from my little one to browse the internet. i found the baby love book at my TJMaxx for like $6 i think so i bought it right away! my son seems to like it so far, and i like having the soft and nice book around.

    • RhodeyGirl

      @q, Thank you so much! How old is your son? R still really loves that book and plays with it every morning while I take a shower. Have a great day and thank your for your comment!

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