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  1. Laura

    It’s great to see your menus again! I should have thought to check your “menu” tab a few weeks ago… I hosted a brunch for the first time (I’ve only done dinners in the past) and while it wasn’t a bust, it certainly wasn’t awesome. After I set out all the food I realized I basically made breakfast and I didn’t make nearly enough. Everyone filled their plates, but I definitely saw the men glancing longingly at the empty bowls and platters. At least they were all close friends and were sweet about everything. 🙂 Lesson learned!

  2. briana

    Sounds delicious! So glad to see that you found your groove again – balancing baby, work and some free time! [Although really “free time” as we used to know it is dead for another 18+ years, right?] Sounds like you’re doing great!

  3. Mmm- can Kay and I come? Just curious- why did you take the pacifier away? Is he really dependent on it? Kay want it sometimes and sometimes doesn’t. We just kind of let her have it when she wants it…

  4. I love all of this—especially the sound of those chicken, mozz, and red pepper sandwiches! And the mention of sangria made me swoon. Hellooooo spring!

  5. Love love love these menus. If I could be a professional menu planner, I would. I love reading these posts 🙂

    Everything sounds delicious and you sure know how to tie a spread together. Brava!

  6. Tams

    What kind of or brand of hummus is your favorite. Is it from Whome Foods. I’m looking for a delicious option but I haven’t found ‘the one’ yet.

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