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  1. Om gosh!! Im always telling j to turn the tv down!!

  2. Oh man…I hope Molly turns out to be an anywhere sleeper like that! And I totally peel back the shower curtain to check for serial killers every time!

  3. I totally do the same thing with my jammmies…I never thought it was weird, but I also have never really asked anyone about it either haha. Glad to know I am not the only one!

  4. Heather

    I think I’d rather be surprised by the killer, but I am stealing you pillow/pj trick.

  5. Karina

    I dream in Russian/Ukrainian and sometimes I speak thinking Russian while everything comes out in English. It’s weird and my partner is a grammer nazi, so this is an ongoing conversation ;p

    AND the jams behing the pillow is something I grew up doing and into my adult life until I moved in with my beaux, LOL it’s normal especially with your European background.

    Cute post !

  6. Jasmine

    The pjs, Tv (and add the radio in my case), and opening all doors/curtains thing I do too. I thought I was weird. Glad to know someone else does it too.

  7. i do the PJ thing too. If I stick them behind my pillow they stay warm and don’t make a bulge in the comforter!

  8. Love the list! I am the same way with my PJs!~I think I have dreamt in Spanish at one point. I like the 911 idea.

  9. I do the pj thing, used to dream in Russian when I spoke it more (lost it, though), and…I actually have terrible hearing and always have to ask to have the tv turned up.

  10. Lindsay

    I think that ALOT of us put our jammies behind our pillows! I like to do that because then I dont have to do the laundry quite as much. I love math so much that whenever I am going somewhere, I am calculating the amount of cars I see and what the ratio of one type of cars is to another. I have a bit of a problem also with memorizing plate numbers and it bothers me for days!

  11. Stephanie

    I always forget English words… Do the same thing with my jammies… And check behind shower curtains and in closets for serial killers. No joke.

  12. Stacey

    My husband forgets English words and uses Spanish instead. I find myself getting annoyed with him but I try to remind myself that he is not trying to show off. I cannot stand loud TV. I cannot think when the volume is cranked up. Loud music is usually ok though:)

  13. Ashlee

    I used to always put my jammies behind my pillow until my last year of college when friends kept asking me about it. I didn’t realize it was “weird” until they said something so I stopped. Now, that I think about it, it makes sense because you really don’t want day old jammies back in a clean drawer. :)

  14. Haha, love this post! I agree about the noise, but somehow always have to have music on. The TV I hate, but the sound of music relaxes me and helps me focus.

  15. Xena Shaqareq

    I always check behind the bathroom curtain too ;) it seems like a phobia runs in the girls of our family ! just kidding

  16. I am the complete opposite of you with regards to keeping doors open. I always have to shut every door. I always think that I can make myself see anything so the less stuff I have (like clothes in a closet) seemingly shaped like a monster, the better I am. quite illogical actually.

  17. Im married to an Armenian as well, it took me awhile to learn how to say and spell his last name haha. And im the same with my pj’s except i just leave them on top of our bed. Love reading your blog, your little guy is adorable!

  18. Alli

    As a Philly native who grew up in a “rough” area in the era before mobile phones, I find the fact that you walk around with 911 already plugged in to be ridiculous and vaguely offensive, especially given that it appears from your blog that you only stay in the nice areas of the city.

    • Rhodeygirl

      @Alli, Sorry you were offended. I only specified city because we now have a garage. I also used to do it when I lived in the suburbs of RI, and I realize it’s silly.

      • @Rhodeygirl,
        Can I just say that I don´t think its silly at all?!
        I do that, too, even when I am walking around so called “safe” areas. It is better to be safe than sorry, after all, and if this little “tactic” helps to make someone feel better, then so be it!

  19. Laura

    Hi Sabrina,

    I’m curious how your weight loss is going? My daughter is one-month old and I still have 22 pounds to lose and am feeling quite frustrated (I, like others, assumed it would come off much quicker). If you feel comfortable doing so, can you do a post to update us on your own status?

  20. Ha – love this! I do the same thing with my pajamas. Sometimes not behind the pillow, but right on top of it. It just depends if I think we may have anyone over to our apt.

  21. I’m the exact same way with noise. I hate loud televisions or radios. I like everything to be at a normal hearing level. It REALLY annoys me when you’ll be watching something on tv and when they go to commercial break, the commercials come BOOMING on louder than the television show. Why does that happen? So annoying.

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