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  1. Amy

    He’s overtired. My son was the same way today and I had to rock him to sleep- and he’s too old for that I think!
    Hope he falls asleep soon so that bedtime isn’t messed up! It’s always something.

  2. hahaha, our 6 month is doing that and she is not really “crying” she does not want to sleep. She wants to play around or have one of he parents sleep with her. Oh well this too shall pass.

  3. Jess

    One good thing I’ve noticed about having a more adventurous child is that they get common sense and a healthy sense of independence early (after a whole lot of bumps and bruises, but still). Our older son was a whole lot easier at the crawling/toddler stage than our younger son, but now that they’re both out of it I’ve noticed that the younger one is more able and willing to figure everything out on his own, which is great. So there are some advantages to this, if you can make it through some tough months. (And his immune system will surely thank you for every bit of dust that finds its way to his mouth!)

  4. haha the twins get like that! they won’t sleep, won’t sleep, won’t sleep, then they conk out during dinner in their highchairs (faceplant on avocado=green eyebrows fyi) or just scream for hours until bed time :-P nightmare and a half. But they usually sleep even more the next day. It’s just been the past few weeks that it’s been a problem. I think they’re having a schedule adjustment and cutting down to 1 nap a day possibly. As long as they can get a solid 2 hour nap in, they’re great, even if that nap was done by like 1pm. Babies are weird haha I’d kill for a nap ;)

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