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  1. I think Raffi is the cutest!

  2. Ummm, the CUTEST!!! He looks SO much older!

  3. He is soooooooo cute! I love the leg kicks :)

  4. Melissa

    Love it!!!

  5. Cuteness! I watched the whole thing!

  6. He’s such a cute little muffin!! I love the fact that he moves his feet around so much, my dad said I used to do that all the time too…I still do a little happy dance when I eat something good :)

  7. Elizabeth

    Raffi is adorable! How did you get him to drink from a straw? My guy is Raffi’s age and only gums at his sippy cups. Also, did you stick with the baby led weaning? My son only does very smooth purees and gags if there are lumps. When I’ve set foods on his tray he never puts them to his mouth. I feel like he’s behind in the eating department.

    • Sabrina

      @Elizabeth, Hi! Thanks. He kind of did the straw thing on his own. In restaurants I always let him try one and he just figured it out right away. He still can’t do sippy cups though so we just skipped over them. Too hard for him to get anything out.

      I didn’t stick with baby led weaning. in the end it didn’t make any sense to me. My son’s digestive system was a horrible mess and he was gagging way too much. We went straight to finger foods though (small pieces he can pick up himself) and that has been a huge success. He eats about 95% by himself and I can usually get a few spoons of old fashioned oats or soup into him now and again.

      His favorites are: avocado chunks, blueberries (I either pierce the peel a bit or cut in half), raspberries (cut in half), peas (whole but cooked for a long time), little bits of chicken.

      I think they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Raffi HATES pureed food, but will eat a few bites of anything with a texture (like oats) and any foods he can feed himself.

  8. Maya

    So cute!! Nice pincer grasp, too :)

  9. Sasha

    He’s a cutie. What finger food did you start giving him? My son is also 8 months old. He still gags if his puree food has some lumps in it. But he can eat those Gerber snacks without any gagging. I really want to try give him finger foods because I can see that he loves it when he can feed himself, but I’m still scared of those gagging.

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