66 Responses to “Win a $50 Whole Foods gift card from Stonyfield Farms!”


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  1. Emily B.


  2. Jess

    I would give myself the superhero name CanDo Woman. I think it’s pretty accurate :-)

  3. Kwan

    Raffi’s nickname should be “The Armenian Stallion”! He is too cute!

  4. Jae

    mighty mouth!

  5. Will

    Mighty Berry Boy!

  6. Shadia

    The Nutritious Strawberry? I don’t accept.
    Second try, The Master Wonder. I’ll take it!

  7. marie

    I am WondeRee the Amazing Bug Squisher, Protector of Truth, Justice, and Grannies Everywhere!!!

  8. I’m horrible at coming up with superhero names. But, if I were to pick one – BerrykaPow. :) It packs a punch.

  9. Michelle


  10. Tess

    Raffibear! He is too cute!

  11. caitlin

    RhodeyRaffster? :) fun campaign!

  12. Jen

    hmm, how about Berry Merry Babyman? actually, that’s just as lame, lol

  13. Laura


  14. chrissy endicott


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