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  1. see, i totally just play on the floor in dresses anyway (well, when no one else is around). Wes won’t remember and they’re way more comfy!

    i hope the almond butter works out!!! i would be so lost….

  2. Have you tried sunflower butter?? Just a thought! If you make it at home, just be sure to roast the seeds and salt the butter. :) Fun to hear your random happenings. Raffi is getting bigger + cuter each day!

  3. Rachael

    Have you tried maranatha sunflower seed butter? I don’t like other brands of sunbutter but I had to give up peanut butter for nursing too and theirs has been life changing:)

  4. Emily

    Love your blog btw!

    What a great idea for a circus party. What if you use a site like http://www.picmonkey.com/ to post a clown nose on raffi for his invite? Click “edit photo” and then the icons button (has a bunch of symbols)

    Just an idea. Keep us posted on your prep!

  5. I know exactly what you mean about that darn clown nose!!! We could never get a good picture of Liam with one on.

    I am sooo with you about fall. I cannot wait!

    Enjoy BlogHer!

  6. I insisted on baking my son’s 1st birthday cake, too. All my neighbors kept getting cupcakes dropped on their doorsteps as I did trial runs! (And we did circus! But no clown nose. So cute!)

  7. I hear you on the no summer clothes! I just had a baby 3.5 weeks ago and none of my regular clothes fit (with the exception of a few tank tops, tee’s and workout clothes) and all of my maternity clothes are either winter or are too big.

  8. Tricia K

    Cannot. Wait. For. Fall!!!!!!

  9. Sheri

    I agree with the summer clothes thing. Very fed up with clothing options lately. And the comment about fall? So true. I started saying this a few weeks ago. Hello, pumpkin spice coffee, crisp weather, apple cider, pumpkin & apple everything actually! :)

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