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  1. Maya

    Raffi is adorable! I love reading about all the fun stuff he is doing. Any tips on how to get my baby to crawl? He is 9 months.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Maya, Thanks! I was kind of cruel and would put toys just out of Raffi’s reach so he had to figure out how to get them. I wouldn’t help him until he got cranky about it. I do think, though, that they all just do things at different times. Raffi has no words yet.

  2. Raffi looks so happy! I would love to see a pic of his little flapping/angry self when Trig comes home and Raffi demands to be noticed. Sounds like he’s becoming quite the little character. I love seeing babies’ minds develop.

  3. Kat

    I love your updates! I can totally picture Raffi going up the stairs with the box. My daughter is just 2 weeks younger than Raffi and she did the same thing, except with a giant stuffed dog.

    When he eats blueberries or anything like that (e.g., peas), do you cut them in half? Or does he eat them as is? Is he still nursing a lot or drinking a lot of milk? Or is he more into solids now?

  4. Your Raffi and my Sam are little twins! Sam is always crawling/cruising with something in his hands — plastic rings, straws, wooden spoons. And he loves the downward dog position. Also, he is thrilled when Daddy gets home from work. Love this age!

  5. Tricia K

    Ahahaha love the downward dog crawling position!

  6. I feel like I haven’t gotten a Raffi update in so long! He is getting so big and his smile is heartwarming! I completely agree that this age is pretty amazing. I love watching H turn into a person.
    PS- LOVE the picture of R in the balls!

  7. Kate

    He has the liveliest, most curious and beautiful eyes! What a sweet little guy ūüôā

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