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  1. oh my goodness, he is SO PRECIOUS!

  2. Diana

    What a sweetheart! God bless him…

  3. Cornelia

    He is adorable! I look forward to your updates every month. My daughter will be 11 months on the 17th and she is doing similar stuff as your son did last month so I’m looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next.

  4. How are you going about weaning? I am so confused about it!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      @Laura @FoodSnobSTL, I went from 7 to 5 sessions by just cutting them out at once and giving him tons of snacks during that time where he would usually nurse. Then 2 weeks ago I dropped down to 4 (morning, before 1st nap, before 2nd nap, bedtime). This week I dropped the one before the second nap and he falls asleep with minimal protest. I offer him a bit of cow’s milk but mostly pack him in with water and snacks.

      Next week I’ll drop the one before first nap, and then I’m not sure if I’ll drop the nighttime or morning one next. He is pretty reliant on both of those.

      Weaning is confusing and I have no tips for you except to share what I did!

  5. Keri

    We are confused about weaning over here as well! My baby will be 11mo on Sept 20. I’m not sure when to start. Was your ped ok with starting this early? Our’s suggested not starting until 1 yr ON THE DOT because my baby is allergic to milk. We will have to use a dairy free milk of some sort. Are you trying to get Raffi to drink a certain amount of cow milk during the day to replace breastmilk or just winging it? I know it will all be fine but I’m just scared:) Also this might be too personal for you to share, but I’m curious how YOUR body is handling the weaning process (do you pump?). Again, don’t feel like you have to share. I’m just not sure whether to pump some or not. Wouldn’t that tell my body to keep making that milk? Sorry for the rambles…

  6. What a great update. He is absolutely adorable. His facial expressions are great and I just love his hair!! You sound so incredibly happy. ūüôā Way to go, mama!

  7. Elizabeth

    Keri, I am weaning my 11 month 3 week old and I dropped his mid-morning and afternoon sessions in the past couple weeks. I would really recommend not pumping. That does tell your body to keep making milk. I was uncomfortable for a day or two during those times but quickly adjusted. I, too, am in Sabrina’s position of not knowing how to cut the first morning feeding or last session at night. My gut says morning will go first. Good luck to all you mamas!!

  8. april

    loving the princess purse!

  9. Laura

    Where did you get the crawl tunnel? My 10 month old would love that.

  10. Jill

    Hi Sabrina! Random question.

    I noticed you’ve had Raffi in Size 4 diapers for awhile, even though he’s still well within the weight range for Size 3. Is this because of his height? Or have you just found Size 3 leaks or something? I’m asking b/c my baby is about the same weight as Raffi (though shorter ; ) and his diapers have been leaking a bit! Size 4 seems like it would be too big but maybe the weight ranges aren’t super accurate…?

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