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  1. Munchkin Movement looks fabulous! A great way to exercise, play and explore. A special activity to enjoy with the little one. Family movement looks terrific too.

  2. Dale Wallace

    Varsity Allstars – Pls! Great classes

  3. Katie

    My baby turns 6 weeks tomorrow so we could actually take advantage! Would love to take the Hatchlings class (or the Tuesday at 11am music class if it wasn’t full- maybe next session).

  4. Hi Sabrina! Thanks for letting us know about the giveaway! I’ve only been to the Nest once, but it was a lot of fun.

    If I’m the lucky winner, I’d be interested in the NEST Family Movement class on Saturdays at 10 am. This way my husband could join. :)

  5. Jenn Miller

    My 13 month old would love the Nest Music class on Mondays at 11. She loves any type of music and she is a dancing machine too!

  6. Anna W.

    Seriously. This was such fate and luck! I have been thinking about you lately each time I walk on South towards you guys…which is often lately. And so I decided to check your blog today…I was totally procrastinating signing E up for the Music class yesterday and today, and so this would be PERFECT! Fingers crossed. Thanks, Sabrina.

  7. Dan

    Hi Sabrina! This is really great. I’d love sign our son up for Music or Munchkin Movement. Thanks, Dan (and E).

  8. Wendy A.

    My daughter told me about this. I’d love to win this for my grandson. I think it would be great to do Munchkin Movement (which is set to Rock and Roll music). Thanks so much. Wendy.

  9. Sarah

    We’d love to do the munchkin movement class!

  10. This is great! We would love to take a crawlers club class with Joanie!! Zachary is trying to move around and I’d love for him to have a more spacious place for him to do it and to make friends!!!!

  11. Kelley

    Munchkin Movement for 12-18 months!

  12. Heather

    Hi Sabrina!!! There are so many amazing posts so far, but I thought we would throw our hat into the ring. We would love to win the Munchkin Movement class. I just joined Nest, but have never gone to any of the classes. Avery loves to rock, roll and wiggle, so this would be perfect for her!!! I hope to see you soon!!!


  13. Julie Patel

    Munchkin Movement for 12-18 months or Nest family movement!

  14. Zeinab

    All of the classes sound so interesting! I’m sure my 8 month old would go wild in jamboree movement :)

  15. jeff engel

    Family movement class

  16. marge

    My grandson would love the music class. Thank you so very much for this generous give away!!

  17. marge

    My grandson would love the music class you are offering. Thank you for the generous give away.

  18. Aviva

    Our nephew would have so much fun at Nest. The music class would be great.

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