8 Responses to “Jersey Boys is the best show I’ve ever seen.”


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  1. Lauren S

    I’m so glad you liked Jersey Boys! If you loved that show you will LOVE Million Dollar Quartet if you haven’t already seen it. I highly recommend it if you get the chance to go! Also, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby and have enjoyed going back and re-reading your pregnancy post with Raffi.

  2. I haven’t seen Jersey Boys, but I loooooove The Four Seasons’music so it’s high on my list… Especially now!

  3. LOVED Jersey Boys and LOVE LOVE LOVE Sarabeth’s. I am still remembering how amazing the raspberry preserves were — and I went in October 2011 :) Glad you had a nice date!

  4. I was blown away by Jersey Boys as well! I didn’t know anything going into the show and had such a good time. Glad you had a great night in NYC! :)

  5. memelissascott

    Really hope this film gets made… The musical is excellent, and the team behind this movie look like they’d do it justice.
    Jersey Boys is a Hit with the Audience”

  6. I would love to step back in time and enjoy some great music. Oh What a Night!

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