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  1. I used to eat whole wheat toast with PB. I think you mentioned seating PB if Raffi wasn’t around. Or I would have a banana, coconut milk, cocoa smoothie.

  2. Amanda

    Could you increase your portions a little during the day? I always find that when I’m cutting back during the day I get really hungry at night. Otherwise, I like to have a mug of tea or hot chocolate after dinner with a filling snack. Some favorites are toast, graham crackers or oatmeal with nut butter; fruit with either yogurt or cottage cheese. Maybe try something with a little protein?

  3. Have you tried the new Chobani bites? I swear they taste like dessert but the protein in the yogurt leaves me full. The caramel and pineapple combo and the raspberry and chocolate combo are to die for!

  4. i actually wonder if you need to stress about it as much — if most of the weight gain in the last pregnancy was earlier, i’d be surprised if all the sudden you started gaining like crazy now!

    maybe just foliow your instincts for a couple of weeks and monitor your weight gain — if it’s not more than the ~1 lb/week you might not have to really worry about it!

    that said, i’d like to have healthier habits during my next pregnancy as well. i did not have trouble with too much weight gain but got way too used to nightly ice cream – something i’m trying to now wean myself off of! probably would have been nutritionally better to eat more ‘real’ food and not rely so much on sugar.

    (chocolate though is obviously an essential. always :) )

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      It just doesn’t FEEL healthy. I do feel actual hunger, but I know that I am not satisfying it the right way right now (by having 3-5 different little snacky snacks).

      Oh, and I found that I needed a bit more sugar in my diet while I was breastfeeding, and literally the week I stopped I stopped wanting anything sweet. It was so strange.

  5. Ann

    I remember that feeling when I was pregnant. I liked snacking on trail mix at night – almonds, chocolate chips and some dried cranberries. Crunch, sweet and healthy fats. Maybe that in addition to fruit would do the trick. I also believe that when you’re hungry and pregnant it means that baby is burning through all the fuel with all the growing and you should eat!

  6. T

    I felt that way too in my third tri.

  7. Colleen

    Smoothies!! I think (hope) this will help. :)

  8. Sea salt roasted chickpeas! A glass of almond milk or any milk is also quite filling. Grapefruit has been really satisfying for me lately at night. Hard boiled or scrambled eggs..good dose of protein + fat without any sugar/carbs. Eggs might help during the day too, instead of yogurt/fruit. Just a few ideas! :)

  9. Katie

    I think something with a little more protein would help fill you up, maybe some nuts, greek yogurt, or cheese. I know when I was pregnant with Kheri I would often have cheese and crackers before bed and that seemed to help get me through until breakfast :)

  10. My absolute favorite snack post-dinner (during winter!) is 1 c. unsweetened coconut milk heated up with about 1T cocoa powder mixed in.
    Then I dip ladyfinger cookies (4=120kcals) in the “hot cocoa”. Claudio’s sells my favorite brand.

  11. Anonymous

    I don’t know. I think you can only do so much to curb your appetite/hunger. Especially when it’s partially (or mostly) driven by pregnancy and hormones. No matter how healthy or filling your snack is, you will probably want another one. I suggest waiting out the late night snack cravings so you only indulge them once instead of 3 times. When the snacky feeling hits, distract yourself with something and see if you are still feeling snacky in 15 minutes. (Paint your nails, go for a walk, brew some tea, get sucked into Facebook or online shopping, do a household chore.) I’m not suggesting that you not eat, but wait it out before you eat the food. It’s an uphill battle you’re fighting if you want to indulge every single “snack attack.” If you do that, your body will just get used to it and come to expect multiple snacks every night, and you will only end up eating more.

  12. lauren

    Larger portions sound like the answer. Have you tried having a bigger dinner? Maybe a couple tablespoons of trail mix or cereal on top of greek yogurt or some peanut butter and banana toast?

    I’m eating pretty normally and only when I’m hungry and I’m up 6lbs just before my 16th week. Really hoping this slows down until the 3rd tri!

  13. Roasted almonds, strawberries and other berries, and mix. Add whipped cream (or whipped coconut milk) and enjoy. I try to drink a big glass of water after dinner, that helps too.

  14. Nuts or nut butters!! That always worked for me.

  15. I definitely say eat more during the day. I’m 25 weeks and it took me a while to get used to it but eating more from breakfast – dinner (including 2-3 snacks) ended with me not needing anything after dinner (except maybe an occasional piece of chocolate for taste) and not waking up to ravenous hunger in the mornings either. Good luck!

  16. Molly

    My favorite pre bed treat is Nutella or another nut butter on a graham cracker with some milk. It’s dessert like but a little healthier. And filling too!

  17. Annie

    PB banana smoothie, kashi crackers + hummus, and my all time favorite trail mix with dark chocolate chips, dried coconut strips, dried cherries, almonds and pistachios.

  18. Sounds like it’s the carbs that are filling you up in the end. One of my fav healthy but chocolatey snacks is mixing plain greek yogurt with a TBSP of cocoa powder and some stevia. Chocolate + Protein! You could mix that with a banana, cereal, or even on top of a sweet potato for extra staying power!

  19. Rebecca

    Maybe try to eat a snack with protien, carbs, and fat between breakfast and lunch, and then between lunch and dinner? And perhaps your dinner portion is too small? I’m 28 weeks myself and have a major sweet tooth. I’ve found that the most satisfying, yet reasonably healthy snack has been an apple with nutbutter (I know you mentioned Raffi has peanut issues,you could possibly try sunflower seed butter). If you are still craving something carby, you could always sprinkle it with some granola.

  20. Jamie

    I used to always have a Luna bar and a cup of warmed almond milk mixed with unsweetened dark chocolate cocoa powder and Splenda. Filling and dessert like but with substance.

  21. Stella

    Protein and fat– the carbs could be triggering insulin release, and that contributes to the spiraling hunger! Try full fat Fage plain yogurt, or some nuts, or even a couple of slices of cheese or smoked salmon or meat (if you are not avoiding fish/cold cuts during pregnancy). Good luck!

  22. Kerry

    During pregnancy I have a hard time deciphering between hunger and a craving. Am I hungry or do I just want sugar? I think if you are hungry then go for something with protein but if it is craving just have it. For dinner last night I had a bowl of goods drowned in Franks Red hot and a bowl of Peppermint chocolate ice cream. It was fantastic.

    • Erin

      agreed! And if you are crazing the same types of foods every day, why not just give into it– but a box of that chocolate cereal and mix a little into whatever you’re eating and toss in some berries.

      on the other hand, I keep juice boxes around that I drink when I’m having a sugar craving. Those usually do it for me!

  23. I find late night smoothies to be really satisfying. And now the fruity berry breakfast type. More like bananas, almond milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla (also yogurt if you need more protein). Tastes like a milkshake but so much healthier, and keeps you really full!

  24. JW

    With my daughter we do high protein low sugar snacks before bed to keep her full. Lunch meat, Greek yogurt, nut butter and toast. Seems like the protein keeps her full longer so she’s able to sleep better. Maybe more protein will help!

  25. marie

    I find that plain greek yogurt or cottage cheese or a mushed-up banana (frozen or not) mixed with Special Dark Cocoa powder (and sweetener for the first two options) is a great healthful chocolaty treat.

  26. Laura

    What about the special K cereal with the chocolate bits? It should fill you up and satisfy your sweet tooth

  27. I do a smoothie before bed (usually cocoa powder + cottage cheese/Greek yogurt/or protein powder + nut butter + ice + stevia). It’s really filling in volume and protein and is a sweet treat too. Have grace with yourself, Mama. It’s not easy growing a person!

  28. Lauren

    As a snack I have been having low- fat ricotta cheese with honey and cinnamon on top with strawberries. It healthy and fills me up.

  29. Leanne

    Savory ideas: hard boiled egg (smeared with hummus), avocado (on toast, plain, with melted cheese/parm on top), hummus hot sauce,

    Sweet ideas: peanut butter w/dates (my new favorite), roasted orange slice (yesiwantcake recipe), peanut butter toast, banana soft serve with peanut butter or protein powder, Greek yogurt w/dollop of jam and chia seeds, oatmeal w/chia seeds or Greek yogurt.

  30. Vivian

    Popcorn! Get the kind you pop on a stove rather than microwave, that way you can at least control the amount of salt in it. It’s full of fiber and a high-volume food so that should do the trick…works for me! Also, you can ‘splurge’ and make stove-top kettle corn every once in a while. Yum! I think you look amazing in your current photos by the way, and your PP ones with Raffi, so try not to stress!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      I completely forgot about popcorn. Thanks for the reminder and your nice comments too!

      • And you can put nutritional yeast on it, too, if you want more vitamins. Definitely one of my go-to’s. My last pregnancy I fortunately also craved watermelon and pineapple, which you can eat in massive quantities without worries, too. Unless you believe the pineapple causing labor wives’ tale. Didn’t do anything to me in that sense. ;)

  31. Jenny

    Frozen grapes! Measure out a cup of red or green seedless and make little abs to keep in the freezer. They are sweet, refreshing and take a long time to eat. Less than 100 cals and good for you!

  32. You could try eating a bit larger dinner, I bulk my dimners up with extra veggies with some whole wheat bread on the side. I am full and satisfied and do not go back for more or dessert. I am sure you are doing great with your weight gain and will be just fine in your last trimester, but I know how it is to get nervous about it!

    Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and dont stress too much about the weight!

  33. Tracy

    Try not to stress too much about weight. I’m sure it’s hard when you feel like you gained more than you wanted in your first pregnancy, but your hunger is a GOOD message from your body letting you know that you and your baby need the nutrients. I gained 25 lbs. with my first pregnancy and 27 lbs. with my second and never deprived myself. If you eat healthily and trust that there will definitely be periods of time during your pregnancy that you are ravenous, and then times when you don’t, you’ll be fine.

    Probably not a bad idea to try to eat a little more throughout the day and then to eat a healthy snack at bedtime. Carbohydrates with a little protein are good bedtime snacks and it makes sense that simple sugars like chocolate and an orange wouldn’t be enough to satisfy you. Try substituting the chocolate and orange for a banana with a little peanut butter; cereal and milk; toast or crackers with a little cheese, turkey, or peanut butter; oatmeal with a handful of nuts sprinkled in, etc.

    It’s not true that eating before bed makes you gain more weight than eating during the day. Weight gain is based on total daily caloric intake, so don’t feel guilty for eating at night, if you’re hungry! :)

  34. Andrea

    My favorite bedtime snack when I was pregnant was an open faced peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk. It was filling plus healthy for baby- protein, whole grains, and calcium! I also loved a BIG bowl of cereal! I love the smoothie idea- gonna have to try that! I say if you’re hungry than eat! Mmmmm now I’m getting hungry after reading all of these good ideas!

  35. stephanie

    a bowl of kashi go lean! with almond milk :) but you knew I was going to say that.

  36. Rachelle M

    I’ve found that an apple with almond butter (really good, filling fat) is filling, yet healthy :)

  37. Jenny

    Why don’t you try something with protein and healthy fat?

  38. Katie

    When I was pregnant I found that I was always hungry when I woke up in the morning. I started having a small bowl of oatmeal (like a 1/4 cup serving), made with water, with a tablespoon of peanut butter on top, and a splash of milk. Once I started that routine, my insane morning hunger was no more!

  39. how about a brothy soup before bed? they are SUPER filling and can be very low in calories!!
    and since it is super low calories, maybe you can tack on a piece of chocolate/candy/etc. to also satisfy your sweet tooth

  40. ryanthegirl

    Sabrina, I LIVED off of these Pro Bar Whole Meal bars (with a big glass of water) during my pregnancy. They are also awesome as a nighttime nursing snack. Natural, raw, ingredients, the right amount of calories, and definitely felt like a healthy option.


    Good luck in the home stretch!! xxoo

  41. What about nutella toast? You could even add strawberries or bananas to get fruit, chocolate, carbs, and a tad of protein from the hazelnuts.

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