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  1. I love these updates because H and R are so close in age, but mostly because R is so darn cute 🙂
    H hates getting her hands dirty too- she freaks! Also, h finally hit a pickier phase with food. I do the same as you, keep offering and don’t worry if she doesn’t eat much.

    I also love all of R’s words! H seems to be learning more by the day, it happens so quickly!

    It’s so fun to watch them grow 🙂

  2. I tell you all the time but he is honestly the cutest! I love these updates.

  3. omg #2 and 5 are SO sweet!!
    #8 made me laugh out loud, kids are the cutest!!

    and @ 16, sounds like a little budding doctor 😉 i never quite believe it when my colleagues say they’ve always wanted to be a doc since being a toddler…but maybe it’s true! maybe raffi will become a doc 😉

  4. ps- sabrina, omg you are SO SO gorgeous!!! something about middle eastern women, i swear!

  5. Jen

    Just ordered the doctor’s kit per your recommendation. I’ve ordered a few other things you’ve suggested in the past and they’re always such a hit w/Wyatt! Keep the recommendations coming 🙂

  6. Kathryn

    I love the Raffi updates! Do you plan to keep his hair long, or cut it shorter?

    • We are cutting it in 2 weeks for the first time because the poor baby wakes up every morning with his hair completely in his eyes, but I think we will keep it fairly long. I kind of like little boys to have mullet haircuts so we will see!

  7. Briana

    Mia didn’t like meat for the longest time either – she’s still not really into it but she will eat chicken as long as she can dip it in ketchup. She still struggles with utensils some times although she’s pretty good with a spoon. I think just always offering utensils is good and they will finally get it. I wish I had updates like this! Have no idea how much Mia was saying at 16 months!

  8. Heather

    Such a sweetie. I am getting sentimental thinking of how your family will change soon. But like I’ve said before, I think he’ll be an excellent big brother. I am so glad for you he’s doing well in restaurants. He’s such a great little guy!

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