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  1. Sabrina, he is such a doll! That photo of him baking is priceless.

  2. Amanda

    He shares his toys with her??? That’s just adorable!

  3. how wonderful he is sharing with her 🙂
    I hope this doesn´t come across as rude, but it seems you are happy that he ate chicken and I was wondering why? Would it bother you if he would continue eating vegetarian food?

  4. I love that’s he has taken his big brother roll on so well. This update makes him sounds just precious! I’m impressed with his sentences and letters and I can totally hear the peeeeeees? because H says it the same way. It’s heart melting!

    I’m so glad two under two is treating you so well!

  5. I am a SLAVE to the Total Baby app! I cant believe you lasted so long! I’ve had a few days here and there where we stop tracking his sleep, but I always come back to it. And I have no idea how I’ll ever stop tracking his feeds.

    Raffi is adorable and I am so happy to read about how much he loves being a big bro!

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