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  1. Autumn Grubb

    Great job! I just started month 2 today, thought it was going to kill me, but I lived!

    • Nita

      Ive done month 1 insanity and boy it was so hard but I got stronger and fitter and it was a challenge.
      im now taking a month of and going back to my running and spinning as I need a break im going to start mo th 2 next month. Ive only lost 2 1b but one dress size and ive toned up Yaay!!

  2. Migdalia Winters

    Awesome job! I start month 2 today. I am a bit nervous. But I will pull through it. How has the rest of the month gone for you so far?

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      It’s going pretty well. I love it some days and have to really drag myself out of bed others. What do you think? It is definitely the best workout video/video series I’ve ever done.

      • Migdalia Winters

        I have to do my workouts at night. It is the hardest workout I have ever encountered. I am already seeing the results. So thats the reason why I am sticking with it. I will probably do p90x after this. I would like to incorporate weights back in my work out.

  3. AlisaMarie

    I’m doing this tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous. Did you the fit test before? My calendar (one I found online) says fit test and max interval.
    I haven’t seen much change in month one. So I’m really looking forward to month 2

  4. Daniel

    Did any of y’all do the max interval circuit as soon as you finished the fit test or did you wait a bit?

  5. Daniel

    good talk.

  6. I just finished the first day of month two and man that was hard. I did it immediately after the fit test and I was already exhausted from that. It was nice that I was still able to push through both of them. I definitely noticed a difference in my fit test. Some exercises were about the same but some of them almost doubled. I’m looking forward to seeing Month 2 results. Good luck and dig deeper.

  7. Ian

    Anyone noticed the dude with with the headband almost kicks Ariel in the face with his little spin towards the end? I thought her reaction was kinda funny. Lol

  8. joan

    should i still do day 2(month 2),even though i have back pain from day 1?

  9. Memory

    I just finished the plyo,day 2 month 2 and boy it was long,bt i feel good. I am hoping the results will show soon

  10. Horst

    the max versions are several levels more difficult. The new warmup nearly killed me.
    But I finished and I am proud of it.

    Had to dig very deep. Lets see how the rest of the month will go

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