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  1. Nicole

    Hey! That is so great that Ali slept unswaddled! My daughter loves to have her hands up so we are doing the “one arm unswaddled at a time” thing. How old is she now?? Did you end up getting her ears pierced?? We did last night..and she looks adorbs!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Ali is 3 months old. How old is your daughter? We are getting her ears pierced at 6 months based on my pediatrician’s recommendation.

  2. Colleen

    What works for me: turn on Pandora right away. The music gets you up and moving. Stretch for 2 minutes right next to your bed. This physically gets you out of bed. Have Trig remind you how glad you will be to get it over with (I end up being a little nasty to my husband when I ask him to do this ha). Finally, commit to 3 days you want to wake up. For me it’s M/W/TH. You already accomplish so much! 3 days would be awesome! Good luck :)

  3. Kate

    I have always been a morning workout person and I am currently 33 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and still getting up at 4:30 multiple days a week to get my workout in. A few things work for me…
    1. Designate 1 or 2 weekdays as “sleep-in” days where you either postpone your workout til later in the day, shorten it, or take a rest day. I look forward to my Wednesday sleep-in days so much for that extra hour of sleep.
    2. When your alarm goes off, think about how good you will feel after your workout. Think about how energized you will be. The anticipation of that feeling usually gets me up.
    3. Turn on the light. I immediately go into the bathroom, turn the lights on and put my contacts in. Once I do this, I no longer see any point in hopping back in bed.

    Good luck!

  4. Amanda

    I absolutely agree with allowing yourself one weekday to sleep in. Maybe you decide it at the beginning of the week so you can look forward to it, or you make a spur-of-the-moment “this is my sleep in day” decision, but it will provide you with a little extra boost and the permission to make that decision.

  5. lauren

    Not sure what you’re schedule is like, but I always like having a weekday off from workouts. I’m kind of out of the routine right now, at 39+ weeks pregnant…but usually, I like taking Monday or Tuesday and one day on the weekend off from a planned workout. That said, sometimes I feel “pressure” to get the rest of my workouts in, since I take a day early in the week. I think the pressure can work for you though because you know you’ll run out of days if you don’t get up and at it.

  6. Malia

    Whenever I am feeling bored with a workout, I feel like it’s time to switch up.
    Maybe switching it up with another type of quick HIIT?

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