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  1. Sarah

    I cannot get over how well she sleeps already!!!! Amazing- and gives me hope 🙂

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      The hardest period for me was 4-5 months with Raffi. If she makes it through that sleep regression easily I will be the luckiest mom.

  2. She’s such a cutie!

  3. Heather

    She is just too adorable! I love her smiles. I will share all tips with anyone interested! How is going for you with the diapers?

    • Stacey

      Heather, are you blogging again?! Did you have a baby?! You are missed! We have never met but I was/am a fan of yours. I am also a good friend of Kerry Robert whom I believe you know from high school! Hope all is well in your world! And Savrina, Ali (and Raffi!) are adorable. I’m a mom to 20 month old Alex and will have a girl I’m September so it is nice to read about what’s to come with an older brother and little sister!

      • Heather

        Cool about Kerry! I am not blogging – just friends with Sabrina. And yes, I did have a baby this fall. Congrats on your upcoming baby. I applaud those with two under two!

    • I second this! I miss Hangry Pants 🙂 Congrats on your baby Heather!

  4. Sarah

    Thank you for saying that you did not like the newborn stage! I was amazed at how hard and upsetting it was for me but now my little guy is 2.5 months old and it’s much more enjoyable now 🙂 Just refreshing to know I wasn’t the only one!

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