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  1. That’s the sweet insight into a good marriage :) It sounds a lot like David and me!

    Hm, I guess I could confess to always putting my cold feet on him at night, but if she tried to do that to me, I FLIP. Haha. Double standard.

  2. LOL. Chris lost his wedding ring and we have yet to replace it. When we do I am SO hiding it.

  3. Steph

    When I find my husband’s ring, I always make him put it back on and I go up to him and say “Evan take this ring…”

  4. kaneil

    cute! Shortly after we got married, I noticed my husband fidgeting with his ring all the time…spinning it on tabletops, rolling it on his knuckles, etc. Every time it fell on the ground and rolled away, I would make some crazy comment about him buying me something if it ever got lost. Now we are both in agreement that if he ever loses it, he owes me a piece of jewelry that costs equal to (or more than) the cost of his replacement! :)

    And, messing with him about stupid things is my favorite pastime. :)

    Random, but I’ve been thinking about potty training my daughter (18 mos) and everyone keeps telling me she’s too young. But, I know she’s capable. The one draw back is that she can’t really pull her pants up and down on her own…although, I think with practice, she could. Did raffi struggle with getting himself dressed/undressed?


  5. Stacey

    I have chocolate hidden all over our house so my husband won’t eat it at night, which he’s known to do. But I bought the chocolate with our weekly grocery money, and not from my own personal spending. I feel bad…but not really.

  6. Kristen

    We bought my husband’s wedding ring on eBay for $36, because we both KNEW he would lose it. Two years later, when he still hadn’t, we got him a new, nicer one :) Wife of the year award ha!

  7. tiffany

    confession: my BF had this cologne and 2 shirts i HATE, so i hid them and bought him new shirts and new cologne that i like instead :-p

  8. Tricia

    Bahahaha! I love this post. I don’t have any fancy pillows (but now I want some!), but I still have “my” pillow and it’s the same in our house. Don’t you steal my pillow! I tell my husband not to use a fork when frying bacon… and when he’s not looking, I use a fork to flip the bacon myself haha. Such a hypocrite!! Also, I do the leaving things where they are and not putting them away too every now and then… and I just end up more mad than I was in the first place because it just stays out for DAYS until I say something or get rid of it lol.

  9. Laura

    We both figured my husband would lose his ring/not take care of it so we bought one off Amazon for $67 and he has yet to lose or damage it and he is really good about putting it in his ring tray thing by his side of the bed!

    Confessions: I rarely take out the trash because he will always do it if it gets bad enough.

    I fought for a bigger yard when house hunting saying I would do all the mowing, etc. for the yard and 1.5 years later I have yet to mow the lawn….

    And I secretly enjoy the fact that our dog definitely prefers me more :)

  10. Areej

    I have a thing with pillows too! I always put my pillows on my side of the bed and need to make sure that they are never switched with my husband’s !

  11. Hasmik Ajamian

    That is totally cute. That is the best relationship , I can say. We have special fancy pills as well and we always make sure that we have the right once. :)

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