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  1. This is such an awesome workout..on week 5, have never lost weight this fast!

  2. Kim

    Have you checked out onehundredpushups.com or the app? It’s a great way to get in pushups (although not 100 in a day, you build up to it), build strength and doesn’t take a ton of time. They also have a squat program and sit up program. I like them because they tell you what to do each day and you can do them when you have a spare 5 minutes.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Thanks for sharing. I think I tried it once but never finished. Maybe I’ll make that my next challenge.

  3. Catherine

    I’m also a working mother. My daughter is 8 months and I am still am really struggling to fit in exercise. Work has been busier than ever which isn’t helping. I’ve been researching the beach body workouts and this one appeals to me, mostly because of the 25 min time. Is there a lot of jumping invoked? Our condo is on the second floor of an old two family and I don’t want to torture my neighbor. Thanks for sharing all this. You are an inspiration!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Hi Catherine, there is enough jumping that it might bother your neighbor from what I’ve seen. So far I’ve only tried a few of the workouts though. Also, if you did the workouts Tanya’s modified way you wouldn’t have any jumping at all – and it’s still a good workout. I’d say out of the 25 minutes there were 5 solid minutes of jumping spread throughout.

  4. Liege Frank

    I’m so excited about the T25.
    What bothers me is that most of the reviews I see on the internet are from coachs.
    I will def start this next month

  5. Ashley

    What do you think of T25 so far? I’m not a huge fan of how choreographed some of it is (I have the coordination and memory of a child) compared to Insanity.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      I am really good with choreography so I don’t mind that aspect. I don’t think it’s as good of a workout as Insanity, but it definitely works different muscles and smaller muscle groups. I’m still in the Alpha series so I’m curious to see how I feel when I move onto the next cycle.

  6. Jenny Boom

    Hey ladies (and one gentleman)I am a beachbody coach ( I know evil) buuuuut I do have to say so far it is my favorite program out of all the ones I’ve done (insanity, p90x, p90x2,turbo fire, jillian michaels ripped in 30, 30 day shred, banish fat boost metabolism)…the list goes on. I could use a little more action sometimes with the alpha phase but I still get a pretty good sweat and I really like the way it builds, I especially love the “burnout” that’s just fun 🙂 If anyone would like to join me for a little extra motivation on the beachbody site I’m super pumped up to help anybody out at :
    https://www.teambeachbody.com/tbbsignup/-/tbbsignup/free?referringRepId=280136 (free free free by the way)

  7. dan

    Idk I just did the cardio and honestly it seemed more like leg strengthening to me. Its a good workout but really wouldn’t call it cardio.

  8. Michele

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