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  1. Aqua

    Hi Sabrina
    I have been following your blog rather religiously since I had my DD in utero. She is just 3 months older than Raffi. And I have had some low moments in my motherhood life but reading blogs like urs gives me the strength to hold up high once again.. I have managed to glide into toddlerhood but haven’t got the courage to have another child so early again!! Kudos to you for attempting that :-) I have also admired a number of things you have been saying and doing with kids.. But lately your pix suggest you are very tired. Especially your eyes are not in sync with ur smile and happiness around you. I don’t want to cross the line but I hope things are Ok with you. I would want you to be very happy and content with ur babies!! If there’s anything we as readers can help you with please share..

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