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  1. Maria Nazelie

    Do you keep the puzzles in the ziplock bag? How do you organize the puzzles? Do they fit in your bins?

    • Hi Maria! We are still only using the Melissa & Doug puzzles with the big pieces. We haven’t moved on to jigsaw puzzles yet. So far these stack nicely in the bin. I’ve heard a tip for jigsaw puzzles – buy the mesh zip laundry bags from the dollar store and put the pieces in those!

  2. Taylor Rhyne

    Hey girly! Long time no talk. ūüėČ Where do you put the big toys? Maybe I just need to get rid of them, they take up so much room. I’m talking Little People farm, Little People race track sort of thing, big dump truck with blocks, etc.

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      Hi! We usually only keep one out at a time, well actually now 2 since there are two kids. We also have a trunk to the left of this that stores some toys we only take out occasionally like the baby stroller, dump truck, etc. Right now we have the wagon out and another little push toy. The little people farm fits in one of those bins – it’s in the top left bin in this pic. The Melissa and Doug mailbox is in another bin. Bigger things that don’t fit stay in my son’s closet and get rotated so only a couple are out at a time, but they are mostly toys to ride or push.

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