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  1. What a precious babe! You are doing a great job, Mama.

  2. Molly Light

    Can’t believe she is 7 months! She has such adorable outfits :). Something I do to streamline the morning routine is to get everyone dressed before coming downstairs. I lay out outfits the night before then put them on during that first diaper change. Also pimp while I eat. Is yours hands free? If so you could pump while you all eat.

  3. Lauren

    I do the same as Molly Light–I pump while we are eating and/or checking email.

  4. Alisha

    I typically pumped on one side while they breastfed on the other.

  5. Amanda

    Raffi and my son are close in age (a month apart I believe) as are Ali and my second son. You seem to have it all together so much better than I!! Luca, my 6 month old refuses to take a bottle, sleep longer than a 2 hours at a time and hates being put down. Roman, my 2 year old, was such an easy baby in comparison!! How were you able to get your babe’s to be such rock star sleepers?? What I wouldn’t give for 3 uninterrupted hours- of anything : )

  6. New reader here! I stumbled onto your blog through Pinterest. I love finding local bloggers.

    Your babies look to be almost the same exact age as mine. Mine are also starting to play together and it’s one of the best things about parenting two. I imagine they’ll soon start teaming up on me and then I’ll really be in for it.

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