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  1. You’re telling me! Wow, I think you look FANTASTICAL! I wish I could have your motivation. Maybe your routine got boring and methodical and perhaps all you have to do to maintain is vary it a bit. My take. Good luck!

  2. Kate

    You have done an amazing job! Set realistic expectations for yourself. I just went back to work last week after baby #2 and am working on being realistic about what I can do. I don’t have a lot of time with my job, a 2 year old and an infant, so I made it a goal to exercise 4 days a week (2 of those on the weekend when I have more help) and to squeeze in extra walking at work on the days I don’t exercise. Working out 6 days a week just isn’t going to happen right now, and I need to accept that. Don’t let better be the enemy of good enough…something is infinitely better than nothing!

    A second thing I’d recommend is to vary your routine so that you don’t get bored. Do something other than Insanity a couple times a week.

    Don’t get discouraged. I found that when I stopped nursing my first daughter that I lost 5 pounds almost literally overnight. Your body may be just hanging onto what it needs. You have done a great job so far!

  3. Briana

    Do you have enough time to leave the house ever? I find the only thing that keeps me going is paying for something – and something more than a cheap gym membership. I keep signing up for an 8 week bootcamp 2 days/week and because I have paid [a decent amount] for a set amount of workouts I make sure I never miss them. I also have built a relationship with the instructor and that helps. Maybe personal trainer sessions? I know that sounds like a lot but if you can do it even 3x/week it might be worth it.

  4. Kiera

    If you lived just a tiny bil closer, I would be dragging your butt to Barre with me!

  5. I agree with the above. I think you’ve done a fantastic job focusing on getting back in shape. I honestly think you’re psyching yourself out a little bit now though. Instead of getting on the scale every day and focusing on those 7 pounds accept that this is probably NOT going to be the period in your life when you’re at your vanity weight (when the kids are in school and you can steal an hour on your lunch break to go to the gym? definitely). Instead just focus on doing *something* every day knowing that it will make you feel better and probably be a happier momma. Can you sneak in a walk with the kids at any point during the day? I know for me just mentally giving myself a break the last year or so (I have a fifteen month old and work full time with a commute) has made a huge difference. I still work out a lot but its mostly yoga right now and not a ton of running. I do miss running and would love to get back into distances but unfortunately that’s just not reality right now.

  6. Amanda

    I agree with setting realistic goals. Even just saying that you’ll do something 2x a week (if you have to load up on the weekend, so be it!) I often find that setting high expectations leads me to fail.

  7. Just do it. Commit to a minimum and do it. Don’t say try. Don’t say you want to workout. Say you will workout or you do workout on x days at x time and stick to it.

    I know that sounds oversimplified, but you said yourself you’ve done it before. Maybe even set some type of strength goal to keep your eye off the scale and just to keep you going. I always like women to set goals to be able to do a chin up or pull up. ūüôā

  8. J

    Are you workouts fun enough? Just remember that absolutism (only being consistent under perfect circumstances and falling off the wagon after one misstep) doesn’t make for very sustainable life changes. Try to put those 7lbs out of your mind and maybe just focus on having 45 minutes of activity every day – even if it’s just stretching in your living room. I always find that the best way to get back into things after a break is to find a really fun workout online to kick things off. Remember that this also might be your body’s way of asking for some unloading time – something that, in the long term – helps you keep working out harder over a longer period of time.

  9. Work out buddy?! I think we all need that extra push. I bought a fitbit and found that was awfully motivating too!

  10. Tricia

    I just had my first baby. He’ll be 4 weeks this Monday. I have NO IDEA how you did that exercise routine when you had Ali. I didn’t last with breastfeeding, but I was for the first 2 weeks. I just can’t imagine doing what you did, so maybe it just caught up with you? I don’t know, but I think you’ll strike a balance when you can! I can’t wait to be cleared to exercise at the 6 week mark!

    • Congratulations! I know, I was an animal. It prob did catch up with me.

      How is motherhood treating you? It took me a long time to figure it all out the first time around.

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