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  1. Sara S

    RhodeyGirl introduced me to this one-of-a-kind indoor place space (one-of-a-kind in Philly, at least). In my pre-mama days, I arranged an afternoon of play at Nest Philly for young kids attending a family retreat. Now that I am a mama, with a 12 week old daughter, I would love the opportunity to bring my own little lady to a Nest class (this is why I’d like to win!). Philly parents are lucky to have such a distinctive facility and resource in town!

  2. Susan

    We live out in the burbs but I would come into town for this. I want to win because Nest is the best!

  3. Nick

    I think my wife would love this.

  4. Michaela

    I never win anything but I would seriously die if I won this. I want to take a Nest class so badly but my hubs says I can’t until next year waaaaa

  5. Linday

    Can I still enter if I can’t make the first class? We are going on a cruise next week yup with a 3 month old. If I can enter i have to say that i want to win to have something to do with my babe

  6. Katie

    My second daughter turned 1 month today. I would love to take her to this class and meet other Philly moms! A moms group saved me with my first daughter.

  7. Stine

    I have an almost 6 week old. As a new mom I would love to get together with other new moms to discuss related issues, schedules, etc. I’ve heard of the Nest classes and think it would be an awesome experience!! Sounds like a great opportunity!

  8. Melinda Peterson

    I have no ida what I’m doing as a new mom so I would really like to win this fabulous giveaway

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