10 Responses to “Battle Aldi – Part 2 of 3”


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  1. Kathy

    All looks delicious! My choices, which were difficult to make because it all looked so appetizing and creatively prepared, Appetizer: Tricolore salad Entree: Broccoli Rabe & pizza Dessert:Chocolate Mousse Cake

  2. I’d pick menu A for appetizer and menu B for entree and dessert, this is so fun 🙂

  3. Michelle

    Who are the tasters? Taster 2 is quite critical!

  4. Ally

    Menu B. Gnocchi and dessert sound great!

  5. Nancy

    Caprese Appetizer, Gnocchi, Mousse Cake would be my picks

  6. Seta P

    Everything looks amazing! I volunteer to be the taster next time! Haha! Whoever made the Moose cake would be my winner:)

  7. marie

    It’s close, because it all looks good, but I’ll go with the salad, the pizza, & the apples.

  8. jen

    I’d say B because I love Gnocchi, and the mouse cake looks delish!

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