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  1. lauren

    What a fun trip! Ali looks so adventurous.
    I wondered what traveling to a resort like that would look like with kids and it looks like it worked out great for your family.
    We’re sharing a room in Disney when my son is 19 months and I am nervous about bedtime. If he can see us, he wants up. We tried to share a room a couple months ago and after much effort putting him down, we all got to sleep around 12am. Not relaxing at all!
    We went to an all inclusive in Mexico for our honeymoon, an aventura spa palace, and we felt like you about much of the food, except for the “fancy” restaurants and the guacamole, which were great. The desserts weren’t good either!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      When we’ve traveled in the past and shared a room this is what we did: my husband would love and go for a walk or whatever. I would sit in the bathroom and play on my phone until the baby is asleep. And then we come back in and watch tv, play cards, or whatever.

      On this trip what worked out super well for us is that most nights the kids fell asleep in the stroller so we only had to transfer them. I packed their pajamas and changed them right around bedtime, buckled them in, and walked for a bit. It worked like a charm! Good luck on your trip and have fun!

      • lauren

        I’ve wondered if hiding out in the bathroom would work, I’ve said I was going to try it a couple times now but haven’t for one reason or another. Thanks for the tips!

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