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  1. Miranda

    Here are some girl names I adore: Lillian (can always call Lily), Lucy, Eloise, and Amelia. Best of luck and congratulations!!

  2. Anna

    Layla, Nina, or Yasmeen???

  3. …… my daughter’s initials are EGG. But she’s a good one 😉

  4. Emilia

    Eliana Rose, Gabriella-Gabriela Maria, Amelia, Gianna, Giuliana, Marlena, Camila.

  5. Ashley

    We love our girls names–Ada and Clara–since they’re easy to pronounce and really lovely sounding.

  6. Julie

    Francesca? josephine?

  7. Areej

    Hi Sabrina!
    How far along are you?
    My suggestions are:
    Nadia (Arabic and Italian name)
    Noor (Arabic)
    Daliya or Dahlia (Arabic)
    Fey (Arabic)
    Tala (Arabic)

    These were the names I was contemplating for a girl, except ours is a boy, and now after Fares, I have no idea what to call boy number 2! Ours has to work in Italian, Arabic, and English!

    • RhodeyGirlTests

      I’m only 23 weeks. Congratulations on boy number 2! That is so fun. I love Nadia and Noor. Thanks for the suggestions.

      My brother’s name is Fares! Some suggestions for you… Bassel, Elia, Munir, Sami.

  8. Nina

    I love E names! Elina, Eva, Emma are some of my favorites.

    I like short or one syllable middle names like Rose, Grace, Blaire, Jane, Marie, Sara, etc with a long first name a lot!

  9. Anna

    How about Jordan after your heritage?

    However, I do love the way Tatiana goes with your other children’s names.

  10. Olivia

    I lived in Cranston 2006-2009! Willowbrook apts where were u?

    We liked Olivia (that’s her name), Emilia, Anneliese, Emma, and jordyn.

  11. Amanda

    Congrats on another girl! I love Mila, Leila (Laila, Layla, et al), Nadia, Mariam, and Aisha…

  12. Annie

    How about Maya, Leena, Ameera, Amani, Cosima, Sana, Mona, Nora?

  13. Karina

    Armenian names are tough.
    Especially since Armenian Girl names tend to center around Ana.

    With that being said, I love the Armenian name Lilit.
    Different variations: Lilia or Liliana.

  14. Natalia

    How about Stefana?

  15. Karina

    I was just thinking that I also like the name Rimma or Reema.

  16. Irishmama7

    I love Nadia and Dahlia! Other girls names Amelia, Josephine (I think someone already mentioned that one), Jada….??? Names are always so personal.

    As for the beach. Here is what I suggest to bring at least one other adult at all times. A tent. Toys for the older kiddos. Snacks for you (and the kids too). A few sheets. A carrier. Baby powder – to get the sand off.
    I have done the beach with babies of all ages(I have 4). When then are new- under 6 months-they really need to be shaded most of the time. Also a tent provides a great place to snack, breastfeed or feed, nap and cool down. The other adult is not to say you can’t handle it. In my experience it is so SO! much easier and at least put my mind at ease to be able to have eyes and legs on my older ones in case I was breastfeeding or changing the baby. Congrats!

  17. I went to school with two sisters named Alessandra and Loredana!
    Very pretty

  18. Kelsey

    I love Talar for a girl (Armenian)

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