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  1. Stacy K.

    What a lovely surprise to see you pop in my feed. I have to admit I hardly open feedly these days. I think reducing your grocery budget in the fall would be a great challenge. Do you guys have an extra freezer? I try to stock up in our favorites when they are on sale and having a second frezer has helped with that. Especially with items you know you always eat.

  2. Brittany Taylor

    I love doing these too. I made a challenge to not buy myself ANY clothing for the month of July and I did it! It was hard especially since we went on vacation but it really made me think about what I actually needed and what I actually had to wear at home already.

    1. I buy a LOT almost mindlessly on Amazon – I have started to only allow myself to buy gifts on Amazon as well as my husband’s beef jerky as he loves it and it’s cheaper there. It helps to have to go to a physical store because most of the time I think to myself it’s not worth driving to the store for so maybe it’s not worth it!

    2. Our food costs a lot! – I have started going to the Winn Dixie closer to my house which tends to cost more as well. I have found it has helped to not be brand loyal to the things I don’t care about. They had B1G1 olive oils so I saved $10 by getting one for free but it was a different brand than I normally get. Our main thing is eating out – it kills us every month.

    4. Kids are expensive – YES!! I work full time so I do pay for camps/babysitting and it can add up. Add to that the more food I have to buy since they are home all day and the costs definitely add up. I always wonder why people say it’s too hard to bring kids out so they just stay home. I find my kids are way better when we get out of the house during the day!

    So glad you are back blogging again! I do follow your Instagram and get good ideas for my kids!

  3. Tricia

    Totally agree on camp!! My boys are three and four. I’m lucky enough to work full time but have summers completely off. I planned to send them to their school (camp) every Friday morning this summer. However for $83 a day, I decided not to do it and instead we go on an adventure once a week to a pricier place in the Philly area. It’s been mostly great!

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