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  1. jessica maria


  2. chandra

    OMG congrats!! How amazing is that?!

  3. Simple and Divine

    AWWWW YAYYY!! This post totally got me teary eyed! precious <333

  4. loveofoats

    CONGRATS!!!! Now all the fun planning begins and you will get to come to good old Philadelphia 😉

  5. Kootz

    CONGRATS!!! get a picture of the rock up there. and good luck tomorrow!

    (I hope to be proposed to on the finish line of some race with a really tall tri-athlete man… ahem)

  6. ChocolateCoveredVegan

    Oh my gosh, congratulations!!!

  7. ashley

    So I really thought I already posted this, but a huge


    The ring, and you and your FIANCEE are all gorgeous! Almost too gorgeous!

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