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  1. What a delicious zucchini recipe!

    I actually was rather disappointed with 90210 ūüôĀ

  2. That zucchini looks great! I bet it would be good over pasta, too.

  3. rhodeygirltests

    VeggieGirl- I was disappointed with it too, although I am sure I will flip to it once in a while when doing other stuff around the house or painting my nails. Definitely not making it to the DVR list though :laugh5:

    HeatherBakes- On the second or third day I usually DO put it over pasta.. it is really good with long pastas like linguini! and mozz too if you like it

  4. What is the consistency of this? It looks like muffins! Is that just how you portion it out or what. How do you use it with other dishes?

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