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  1. Oooh I’m excited! What a great idea!

  2. Oh yeah! A cookie contest!

  3. How fun! I need to start thinking up ideas!!

  4. Oooh, great idea! Now I need to find a cookie idea.

  5. Fun! I’m so in!

    What to make, what to make?

  6. Oh how fun! I already made one type of cookie when my husband and I were setting up our Christmas tree, and I have a friend coming over later in the week for more baking! (First holiday party on Friday…). Now I’ll just have to choose which recipe to submit to your contest!!

  7. Great contest!!

    Feel better, girl!!

  8. Love the contest! I love making cookie tins so this is a great idea 🙂

  9. Yay!!!! I love cookie baking contests…thanks for hosting!!! 🙂

  10. Love this idea! I can’t wait!!

  11. oh this is fun!! I will have to come up with something.

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