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  1. Drea

    I love your blog! You are so sweet and happy all the time! I also love Jason Mraz, Lucky was my wedding song this past fall!

  2. Those cards are GORGEOUS!

  3. At first I thought that said cheeseCAKE pasta. Yum? (PB, your dinner looks tasty!)

    Those are adorable cards.

  4. those cards are great! love them! and i like the dinner- that looks really easy to make too!

  5. Love those cards!! Papyrus??

    That pasta dish looks absolutely amazing…I want some!

  6. the rainbow paisley cards are the thank yous my SIL sent to us for attending her baby shower ūüôā the invites were also written on the rainbow paisley note cards :0 GORGEOUS

  7. Margaret

    I love the cards!! Where did you buy them?

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