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  1. P.S. – I always make BLONDIES for my loved ones 🙂

  2. I love making food for people 🙂 I make Bobby things like fried rice, all of his lunches (usually sandwiches or Japanese bento style with rice/chicken/veggie), midnight snacks, and his new favorite – Japanese toast (it’s this wonderfully light and airy square white bread that I have only ever seen in Asian markets): with butter and PB (dark chocolate dreams is his fave) or jelly.

  3. YUM!!!!
    I just made my fiance a cherry pie for his birthday and it was quite a labor of love!

  4. this looks so good! I really do think homemade granola beats store bought anyday!

  5. I love making granola – so quick and easy!! This kind sounds delicious 🙂 I like making my loved one’s their favorite treats!

  6. verbalriot

    I should totally make some granola. I always crave it when I’m at the store (but it’s expensive!) and often forget that I can make it myself!

  7. Delicious! I just made some really good honey almond granola for Easter breakfast.

    I am a notorious cookie maker for treats for friends and family!

  8. Ha! I love it. My huband’s guilty pleasure is…wait for it…so un-healthy…..TATER TOTS!

    He loves tater-tots almost as much as he loves me I think! Occasionally I buy a bag to keep in the freezer and serve tater-tots when I make hamburgers. It’s like an elementary school treat!

  9. Awesome tradeoff! 😀
    I’m making my hubs a steak&cheese sub this Friday – that’s his idea of a treat.

  10. sloan

    just wondering what you think the calorie count would be on this. i’m in the process of heating my oven and making some! looks tasty!

  11. rhodeygirltests

    Hi Sloan,

    I have found that this recipe makes a LOT… I made my batch into 20 servings (perfect topping size for yogurt) @ 138 calories/serving. In case you want to turn it into more or less servings…

    The whole recipe, with molasses, had:
    2758 calories
    97 g fat
    440 g carbs
    51 g fiber
    72 g protein

    divided by 20 = 138 cals, 5 g fat, 22 g carbs, 2.5 g fiber, 3.6 g protein.

    Hope that helps, and let me know how you enjoy it!

  12. sloan

    the smell of cinnamon is wafting through my house!

    i didn’t realize you had lost all that weight! congrats, you are beautiful! i found your blog from Self.com’s EatLikeMe blog. check out the Reader-Inspired story that goes live TOMORROW! that’s my weightloss story.

    keep inspiring!

  13. rhodeygirltests

    Sloan- thank you very much. I WILL check out the story- if you email it to me at rhodeygirltests at gmail dot com I will feature it tomorrow too!!!

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