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  1. Meg

    Congrats to Laura! Yeah for oatmeal pancakes.

  2. I ALWAYS add pumpkin when I make Kath’s pancakes, definitely adds some volume and deliciousness!

  3. Oooh pumpkin would be a good idea! Or maybe some mashed banana.

  4. ~carolyn~

    I actually make my pancake with low fat cottage cheese. I use equal measures of oats, egg substitute and cottage cheese. I mix it up with the stick blender and it has the same consistancy as pancake batter. I throw in some cinnamon and vanilla too.

  5. Those look awesome, I have to try that!

  6. I almost made one this morning!! It’s been ages…

  7. Emily

    Ah! I made Kath’s oat pancake to day too! How funny! It was the perfect start to my day. I added a little extra baking powder which seemed to puff the pancake up a bit. Otherwise, adding extra toppings like pb or cottage cheese helps keep me full longer.

  8. Laura

    yummmy these look really good!

  9. Vince

    I LOVE the oatmeal pancakes! I keep canned pumpkin on hand, so I always add that. I also love that the kitchen smells so good all day long after making these. Think that is what I will make for Saturday breakfast.

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