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  1. congrats…to moving on to bigger and better things!?!

  2. I get attached to my homes too…but yay for moving into a house!

    Cant wait for the veggie burger recipe!

  3. You’re moving on to a wonderful life with a husband who loves you! Surely that’s worth saying goodbye to the condo for! 🙂

    Although I COMPLETELY understand your nostalgia!!!

  4. I am so happy for you right now!

  5. I completely understand how hard it can be to say goodbye to the places we have lived! It’s cheesy but I always carry a little bit of each place with me.
    Congrats to you on this exciting move! Big things a’comin!

  6. Aw so sweet!
    I always feel that way when I leave my home in Canada…. I know im leaving to go back to the UK for Steve.. who I adore, but it’s still so tough to leave your “home” that you’ve known for so long…

    Just think about all of the lasting memories you and PB are going to make together.. it will be so nice!

  7. Moving is so bittersweet! We’ve lived in our house for 10 years now, and we’ve seriously outgrown it; however, neither of us want to move since it holds so many memories for us – wedding, first baby, lots of cookouts, and christmas parties…you get it.

    But you are moving on to bigger and better things, and it’s a great that the memories you can take with you are good ones.

  8. your condo is so cute! But I have a feeling you won’t think twice once you are all moved in with your new *roommate* :D!!!

  9. Aw cute pictures!! Like Caroline said, you’ll be moving in with a new roomie 😉

  10. oh you are all so right! thank you for making me feel better!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Aw, you do look so sad. But think about living with PB!!! You are going to love it!

  12. I might be moving out of my apartment later this year, and I’m already sad thinking about it, it’s the first place my boyfriend and I shared and called home and I’m going to miss it lots!
    Good luck with the moving!

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