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  1. That’s so exciting!

    When me and the hub got married, we had to get a marriage license where we were getting married – in Florida.

    We are exiting the plane and some one comes running after us – with my husband’s wallet! It had fallen out in his plane seat!

    We couldn’t have gotten married if he didn’t have a photo i.d., so that was so close!

    Mmm….pizza – made one for lunch today at work!

  2. RAZ


  3. rhodeygirltests

    biz319- wowowow that is crazy!!! thank goodness someone brought out his wallet!

  4. Congrats chick-a-dee!

  5. aww RG ad PB are such an adorable couple!!

    congrats!! You two are just glowing! I love it!

  6. ooooh congrats!!! getting the license is so surreal, right? we definitely took a bunch of pictures at the courthouse too 🙂

  7. verbalriot

    Congrats 🙂 You look great!

  8. Congratulations Mrs. PB!!!!!

  9. I would so wear white as well! Afterall, I wore white to my bridal shower too! You are only a bride once!! Wear white every chance you get! hehe!

  10. CONGRATS!!! You guys look way too cute!

  11. YAY Congrats!!! EEEK its so close!!

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