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  1. Wow, major props to you for cooking calamari for your FIRST dinner party in your new home. Calamari is a dish that intimidates me because if you even mess up a tiny detail, there’s no going back and you can’t hide it. I might have to give this recipe a try though.

  2. YUMMMM!!!
    i have been horrified to attempt making calamari and yours is perfection
    think wheat flour would work??

  3. the calamari looks so good. I haven’t had that in awhile. That’s why I try to stay away bc its fried, but your version looks great.

  4. Woww that is an amazing endeavor!! Bravo lady! I always eat the tentacle ones and gross out my friends haha 😀

  5. rhodeygirltests

    Fitnessista: it would definitely work with whole wheat flour!!!

  6. Classic dish!!

    Miss you, dear Sabrina!!

  7. Calamari is scary! (to cook – not to eat – I love love LOVE to eat it!)

    This recipe seems pretty straight forward – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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