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  1. Wow – your nonna is beautiful!

  2. Your nonna is gorgeous! Does she read the blog?

    I remember reading about her diet tips back when you first posted them, and I’m equally as shocked now. It’s so different than how the average American eats! Very interesting; thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Your Nonna looks so beautiful in that picture. Sounds like a way of eating. I could eat like that everyday, love the pasta.

  4. I dream of looking like your Nonna in three years or so 🙂

  5. Your Nonna reminds me so much of my own grandmother! She followed a similar diet. It’s the Italian way 🙂

    Your Nonna is stunning!

  6. Nonna looks like one beautiful and classy lady. Love her diet tips.

    And what a great recipe. PB is truly lucky to be married to such fantastic cook.

  7. Your nonna looks so chic in the picture! What a great meal!!

  8. Oooh, my Greek yaya would have loved this one! Beautiful.

  9. Love the photo of you nonna. It seems like she’s an amazing woman! You’re so lucky to have a grandmother like that in your life! 🙂

  10. Nonna is FABULOUS! Love it.

  11. This looks so delish. Your post about your Nonna made me cry-in a good way.

  12. I can really see a resemblance! Both of you are beauties.

  13. Your Nonna is very elegant looking! I can completely related to what you wrote about her, my Nana is no longer living but I had a special relationship with her when she was. The pasta dish looks yummy!

    I wanted to let you know that I made the chocolate dipped pretzel rods that you featured a few months ago for my kids (and their friends) back at Halloween and they were a huge hit. I am going to give out a peppermint-bark version (chocolate dipped in peppermint candy crumbs) as holiday gifts for their teachers! Thanks so much for sharing that treat!

  14. JenniferfromLaJolla- Thank you! I love the Christmas chocolate covered pretzel idea. I was considering doing some with different colored sanding sugars for Christmas…. but I got too lazy! Happy holidays!!!

  15. Anne

    Your Nonna looks like a fabulous diva! How lucky for you (and her) that you are so close! Being Lebanese, my own nana (Thea-thea) ate a similar Mediterranean diet (although swap out that pasta for syrian rice or syrian bread 🙂 but they’re right, eat whole foods in small amounts and enjoy! A great post!

  16. Lauren

    What a fancy lady!!!

  17. What a classy Nonna! She looks wonderful and I like her eating style. That pasta looks SO delicious, I will be back to try this!

  18. you are absolutely incredibly beautiful!! i LOVE that dress and the hair-do! amazing!!

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