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  1. Yikes sorry about your finger.

    The dinner PB made for you sounds good. You can’t go wrong with artichokes.

    Referring to your earlier post I love no LOVE Sabra hummus. Once in a while I buy it from Costco and it’s a guaranteed 2 pounds at least.

  2. Very sweet of the man to take care of you and what a delicious dinner!! Hope you have a good Tuesdya

  3. Your dinner looks delicious!

    I’m the same way as you; yesterday for some unknown reason I just felt hungry and unsatisfied all day. Hoping for a more regular appetite today!

  4. Laura

    I hope your finger feels better! I’ve cut myself like that before (sliced off a chunk of my pinky finger and the nail!) and decided to ice it and kept it elevated while doing so. I think I just put my arm across the back of the chair beside me or something. That seemed to help with the pain a little until it scabbed over. Good luck!

  5. Hi Sabrina!

    Thanks for the advice about cooking for two (one who eats meat and one who doesn’t)! Sorry about your finger and good luck with your new goals. Hope to see you soon!

  6. Fingertip cuts are the WORST. When I was in college, I was a bartender, and I sliced the tip off of my ring finger one day when I was cutting fruit garnishes…UGH. I think it was a good several hours before it stopped bleeding, and I ended up having to wrap the whole tip in gauze, medical tape, and top it all off with a “finger cot” — that’s what we called them at the restaurant, they are basically single fingers from a rubber glove and look sort of like little condoms 🙂 It was such a pain — the way the capillaries are in your fingertips, it takes forever to clot. Good luck healing — it does eventually happen!

  7. Sorry about the finger 🙁
    Hope it’s all better this morning!
    The dinner sounds delish and very easy to make. Thanks for the idea!

  8. *Andrea*

    awww sorry bout the finger. great run you got in though! i need to make a conscious effort to stretch more too. love all your eats. i eat at least 3 sweet potatoes a week 😉

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